Gustakh Dil 4th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 4th December 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 4th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lajjo talking to Bua about Nikhil and Ishaana. Bua says does he still meets Ishaana. Lajjo says no, don’t tell anything to him. Bua says if you don’t talk to him, I will talk to him and now. Lajjo gets worried. Lajjo’s mum hears all this and is shocked. She comes to them and asks what happened, did Nikhil tell anything, did he got annoyed, did Lajjo do something. It seems she did not hear the complete talk. Bua says nothing like that, I was thinking to talk to Nikhil simply. Lajjo’s mum says I came to take her with me to the market. She takes Lajjo with her and leaves. Bua looks on.

Inder says Samrat, see who came to meet you. Samrat is shocked to see Aparna. Inder says is this the way to say hello to a guest, she came to our house for the first time,

whats this, you guys talk, I will go for work. Aparna brings flowers for Samrat and says get well soon. They speak casually. They talk about Rishi. Samrat says after my divorce, we are still friends, our relation changed but we could not give it a name. Rishi comes and Inder stops him from going to see Samrat. Rishi says I want to see dad. Inder says he is sleeping and makes Rishi busy.

Aparna says Rishi and Gunjan are not ready to accept me. Samrat says I m sorry, its because of me. Aparna says don’t say this. I will wait for you. He says till when. She says till Rishi and Gunjan are ready to accept me. Samrat says Rishi will never accept you, you know he hates you, when he comes to know that you came here, he will create an issue. Lajjo shows her sisters the camera in her phone. She takes their photos and shows them the photos in the phone. They quarrel to get the phone. She says if this phone gets damaged, how will I talk to Nikhil.

She tells them that she got ready in a saree to go to the party with Nikhil. They ask her what happened. Lajjo thinks of that day and changes the topic. Her sisters say we will call Nikhil and check how much he loves you. They call Nikhil and says Lajjo fell from the tree and got hurt. Nikhil gets worried. They hold Lajjo from speaking anything. They say now let see how much he loves Lajjo. Nani and Barkha are talking about Ishaana. Barkha says she is Nikhil’s weakness.

Nikhil runs to see Lajjo and asks what happened to her. Nani says Barkha you can help in this, you better know Nikhil as he is your son. She says you can explain him, get close to him as a mum, talk to him as a mum, don’t be rude to him. You have always ignored him and hurt him, stop doing this. Nani says Nikhil needs you, he can’t get another mum, if he gets your love, he will do anything for you and will never hurt you, remember how he went to drop Lajjo when you said. Barkha says yes, he brought her back then. Nani says he needs a mum’s love, spend some time with him, he should know how much you love him. He is an emotional fool, he is very weak and you can win him by your love.

Nikhil comes to Lajjo and finds her resting with eyes closed. Everyone say she fell from the tree. Nikhil is worried. Nikhil puts water on her to wake her up and Lajjo shouts and gets up saying what did you do. Nikhil says then. Lajjo says I will not leave you. Nikhil teases her and she runs after him. Her sisters catch Nikhil and Lajjo throws water on him saying this is the revenge.

She puts cold water on him and laughs. Nikhil says I enjoyed this. Lajjo wipes his face with a cloth and a song plays…… Bawri dil hua hai………….. Lajjo looks at him. Nikhil says kaka and Kaki told me that you want to stay here for more days, I m leaving tomorrow, how long you want to stay. She says one month. She says I won’t stay here if you say. Nikhil says so you are agreeing with me and Lajjo argues with him. He says you can stay as much as you want. She says you won’t care? He says no way. Lajjo feels bad.

Nikhil calls Ishaana and says he is coming to city tomorrow and alone. Ishaana talks to Kunal about Nikhil and how Lajjo and her family trapped him.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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