Gustakh Dil 4th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 4th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Khanna telling Nikhil to go out of city for few days as his life is in danger. Nikhil is shocked and thinks the day when Lajjo and I were going to be together, but how should I tell Lajjo, I have to go far from her for her sake. Anjali says Lajjo I m so happy for you, you won. She tells Sagar that she was brilliant and he smiles. Anjali says she has danced on the broken ghungroos and I m proud of you, you really deserve to win. Lajjo says its good we got Mili, I was worried for her, who kidnapped her. Anjali says what, Mili was kidnapped? Sagar says calm down, Mili is safe now. We will celebrate Lajjo’s victory today, no bad memories today. Lajjo says you are right.

She says I m very happy, I can’t wait to go back to my family. Sagar says yes, but not now. Lajjo asks why. Sagar says not now. She says I took part in this competition to make my husband proud and my in laws accept me with love, why should I wait now. Sagar smiles and you are misunderstanding me.JHE says there is one formality, just attend a press conference. Lajjo says fine, then I won’t wait. Inder talks to Lajjo’s parents and say Lajjo made us proud today. Gunjan says lets go backstage and meet Lajjo, she might be waiting for us. Ayesha says even I have to talk to her. Nani says lets go. Everyone go leaving Barkha alone. She thinks about Nani’s words that she will support and bless Lajjo.

Rancho meets Lajjo and gives her the award again. Lajjo laughs and they hug. She think about Rancho’s words and how she has faced all problems with her help. She thanks Rancho for being so supportive. Lajjo gets Nikhil’s letter that he has to go for some imp work and he is really sorry. Rancho defends Nikhil and says he has to go for some work, we got time to be together. Sagar hears this and says why should Lajjo be happy, she loves him so much and he does not have time for her, he should be here, what work he has that he can’t say no. Sagar leaves.

Inder stops Nikhil and asks why is he going now, he has to bring Lajjo. Nikhil says I will bring her in two days, I told her and she understands me, who will stop her from coming home now, right mum. Gunjan says its important day for her, why is he going. He says he is helpless and doing this for Lajjo. Barkha says whats important to you than Lajjo. Nikhil says mum, don’t try to understand me, you won’t. Inder stops him and says let me talk to your boss. Nikhil requests him not to interfere and leaves. Inder gets worried and feels Nikhil does not want me to talk to his boss.

Barkha wakes up in morning and thinks about Lajjo winning the competition. She asks Chaya to bring her tea and sits. Lajjo brings the tea for her and Barkha is shocked seeing her at home. Lajjo keeps the tea na bends to take her blessings. She thinks of the old time and Barkha still is rude. Lajjo says you said I can come back when I win. Barkha says I told you I will bring you, you did not wait, Nikhil did not come to take you and did not wait to receive you here, what an irony.

Lajjo talks to her in English and Barkha is shocked. Lajjo says I trust Nikhil a lot, he is my love. She says I brought this change in me is for you, to get a place in your heart. She says you are like my parent and I want to win your heart, I m trying to get your love. Inder comes and is happy to see Lajjo. He says welcome back, I m very happy seeing you. He says finally you came back home. Lajjo touches his feet and he blesses her to be happy always.

He says this is your house, and you will not go anywhere. Lajjo goes to bring tea for him. Inder talks to Barkha and says you should be proud of Lajjo now. He says think you go with Lajjo in high society party and people will say look Trishna’s mum in law came. She says yes, I m loving every bit of it. He smiles. Lajjo comes in her room and recollects how her marriage with Nikhil happened and their journey started from marriage to love. Jabse tere naino se……………… mann bawra……………..plays…………….. She smiles looking around the room missing Nikhil. She hugs Nikhil’s pic and smiles.

Barkha talks to Lajjo and asks no one had food made by you, I m hungry, can’t we have lunch together.

Update Credit to: Amena

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