Gustakh Dil 3rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 3rd April 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 3rd April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Samrat coming to talk to Nikhil as a friend. He says I understand your problem and what you are going through, I felt good that you respect relations, you don’t want to start a new one till you end the first. It tangles relations, your decision is right, this is life. He says I went through all this in my life, so I understand you well. People fear that their new relation may fail as the previous one, I agree first there should be divorce and then you should get time to think about marriage, but its about engagement with Ishaana. You love her, a girl wants commitment. Nikhil says I m afraid of commitments.

Nikhil says please don’t misunderstand me, I m not feeling ready. Samrat says you are thinking only about yourself, not her. Why are you afraid, Ishaana loves you and wants a promise from you to accept her infront of the world. Ishaana comes and says now there is no need for this. Lajjo thinks about Sagar. Lajjo talks to her sister about him. Lajjo’s mum comes and scolds them. She asks what did they do. They lie to their mum. Ishaana says she has decided that she will not do the engagement with Nikhil.

She says I don’t want to be hurt more, and I don’t want him to get any chance to hurt me again. Nikhil looks on. Lajjo’s mum talks to Lajjo showing her a book. Lajjo’s mum thinks how to show the divorce papers to Lajjo. Nikhil asks Ishaana why is she doing this. Ishaana asks him the same. Nikhil says I m in problem. Ishaana says problems are in everyone’s lives, did you think of me once, my mum explained me but I fought with her for you, why? Not anymore. She says now you have decide, where do I stand in your life. She leaves. Nikhil thinks.

Lajjo leaves to go to college. Bansi meet her on the way. Ayesha says how can Ishaana refuse to get engaged, but she is right, why should Ishaana tolerate all this. Ayesha says Nikhil can’t be trusted, Ishaana suffered so much. Nikhil says you are right, Ishaana feels I m irresponsible and she can’t trust me. Ayesha says yes, you are so confused. Nikhil says yes, everyone are right.

Putti gets ready. The old man and his parents come to see Putti. Lajjo and Bansi stand outside the house and fool those people about Putti. They talk ill about Putti so that they don’t get ready for marriage. The people say we don’t want to do this relation. Putti’s mum asks what happened. He says you all lied to us and we now know that your daughter knows nothing, how will she take care of the girls. Putti smiles. Putti comes and thanks Lajjo and Bansi. Lajjo is happy and hugs her.

Lajjo gets the divorce papers and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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