Gustakh Dil 31st October 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 31st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikhil coming to meet Shreya and Bheja. He says he came to meet them, as Shreya called me to for some urgent work. He asks her what is it. Shreya shows the candle light dinner table. He asks whats this, dinner party. She says no, I have to make you meet someone special. They show Lajjo. Nikhil is stunned seeing her look gorgeous in a beautiful saree. He smiles and says so this is your urgent imp work. Shreya says can’t I make you meet her, is it not imp, you both get less time, so we thought to arrange surprise candle light dinner, and misunderstandings can go. Shreya says Bheja, we should leave now.

Nikhil and Lajjo get shy and talk to them., Lajjo thanks Shreya and says its good you called him here, if not, then Jasmine would have met him. If I called him, he would have felt I m doubting him, so thanks. Lajjo hugs her. Shreya says leave it, go and enjoy the food. They leave. Nikhil and Lajjo look at each other. Saraswati talks to Jasmine and says Lajjo and Nikhil are a good couple, like Ram and Sita, Nikhil loves her a lot, you won’t understand this, you will know it after your marriage.

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Jasmine gets bored of her talk. Saraswati says coffee is not good, doctor in our village told us, have milk it has strength. Jasmine says it has calcium. Saraswati says yes, don’t feel bad, fine if you want anything, you can have tea, else lemon water. Jasmine says I understood, I like coffee for now. Saraswati says kids do as they want, everything changed, see everyone closed here and my village is so open, all fields canb be seen from village, Lajjo was very naughty, every day complaints came about her. Jasmine holds her head. Saraswati praises Lajjo and tells about the cow.

Nikhil and Lajjo have a talk. He says don’t you have rehearsals today. She says I have run from there. He says it means your phone will ring you non stop. She says I will switch it, you too do it. He says mine is on silent. They have a talk and smile. Rina comes in Barkha’s room and looks around. She says Barkha went out and Lajjo is also not here, this is good chance which I was waiting for. She looks for something. She gets it in drawer and smiles. Nani comes home calling out everyone. She says no one is answering, is Barkha in her room. Rina gets the lipstick and smiles saying I got it.

She applies it and says she loves this shade. Nani comes to her and finds it strange seeing her behavior. She says God knows what she is upto. Saraswati bores Jasmine further. Jasmine thinks she is bearing her for 3 hours and Nikhil switched off his phone. Lakhi comes to them and meets Jasmine. Jasmine is fed uo by them, seeing the head massage Saraswati does to Lakhi. She sees Nikhil and Lajjo back and is angry seeing them together. He says he went for dinner. She says you left me alone here. He says I left you in esteemed company of Kaki and Lakhi, she is great, and won’t bore you.

Saraswati says she took good care of Jasmine. Jasmine says email me the file and leaves. Adhiraj takes care of Ayesha’s foot sprain. She cries in pain. She says her foot got in the mud hole as she slipped. He uses the spray on her foot and gives her water. He says he will write article later, she should rest, she should be fine first. She holds his hand and says I love you. They smile. Barkha comes home and is shocked seeing Inder’s daughter at the door with the bag. She says what are you doing here. The girl asks is daddy at home. Inder comes and is shocked seeing her. She cries and hugs him. He asks her to come inside, and Barkha gets angry. Inder takes her bag and consoles her. He asks what happened. She says dad, hostel caught fire. He says are you fine. She says I m fine, I can’t stay in hostel, everyone went to relatives, I came here. He says you stay here tonight. He sees Barkha angry.

Nikhil and Gunjan question the girl who is she and what is she doing here. Inder and Barkha looks on.

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