Gustakh Dil 31st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 31st January 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 31st January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lajjo talking to her parents about Samrat. She says he does not eat sweets, he is different, he likes eating something else like betel leaf. Lajjo’s mum is shocked. Lajjo fools them in her words. She asks them to make a betel ready for Samrat. She asks her to go with her dad and bring it. She makes them go. Samrat talks to Baba and apologizes. Baba says you don’t need to apologize as you both does not realize your mistakes. Baba is annoyed and says how can you think I will forgive you.

Baba says you have ruined Anu’s life. Samrat says ou have not thought of her either. You did not think about your daughter’s happiness and Anu accepted your decision, what will happen when you are not there for her, don’t you think you have been strict to her. Can she

forget her husband. Baba says everyone married by their own wish, is anyone happy. Is anyone peaceful? Samrat is silent. Jamuna eats the sweets. Lajjo’s mum comes and sees her and shouts on Lajjo.

She scolds Lajjo and says what will we take to your Sasuraal now. Her mum beats her and she runs. Nikhil starts missing Lajjo and is angry that she left without telling him. Shreya says she will come soon. Nikhil says she has left forever. Shreya is shocked. Nikhil says I m annoyed with her. Shreya says its not her mistake. Shreya tells Nikhil what Lajjo felt for him. Shreya thinks Nikhil could not see love in Lajjo’s eyes. Nikhil asks what are you thinking. She says Lajjo was here not for her parents. He says our marriage was just a compromise. She knew that I love Ishaana, I did not give her a false hope.

Shreya says Lajjo did a sacrifice for your happiness. Don’t let it go waste, marry Ishaana if you think you will be happy with her. Kunal comes to meet the gang. Kunal thinks about Ishaana’s lie that she is avoiding him. He says we are getting married, why is she lying to me. Shreya comes and says Lajjo went back to her village leaving Nikhil forever. Kunal is shocked. She says she went for Ishaana and Nikhil’s happiness. They say maybe Ishaana knows this and tahts why she is ignoring Kunal. Kunal says but she knows how much I love her. Lajjo does her work in the village hospital.

Doctor Kaka talks to Lajjo about someone’s illness. Lajjo says its very bad. Barkha talks to the lawyer. Inder asks what are you talking about. She says I m preparing Nikhil’s divorce papers. Inder is shocked. Barkha says don’t be surprised. Inder says listen to me, don’t fasten up. Have some patience, give Nikhil some time. Barkha says why time, so that he missed Lajjo and brings her back, I m not going to let this golden chance go. Inder says what if it does not happen, if Nikhil says no. He says its about Nikhil’s life, if Lajjo has to come back, we don’t know whats happening in her village. Let Samrat come, we will wait for him, we can know what does Lajjo want.

Barkha says you mean everything depends on Lajjo, what does Nikhil want, does it not matter. Inder says it does, Nikhil has to decide whether he wants divorce or not. Ishaana thinks about Barkha’s words. Kunal comes to meet Ishaana and she lies to him. Kunal shows her the engagement ring and asks her to finalize. Aditi comes and is happy to see this. Kunal makes Ishaana wear it. Nikhil comes and shouts Kunal, what are you doing. Kunal says can’t you see. Aditi asks Nikhil what is he doing here.

Nikhil asks Ishaana am I unwanted here. Aditi says its my house, and it would be better if you leave from Ishaana’s life, get out. Nikhil leaves in anger. Ishaana goes after him and apologizes to him about wearing ring. She cries and says I was not finalizing my engagement, I love only you. Nikhil is annoyed with her. Meera talks to Ravi about Lajjo. She praises Lajjo. He says you look impressed by her. She will be in benefit if she takes divorce, think about it. Meera says someone will value Lajjo.

Samrat meets Doctor kaka and Lajjo at the hospital. Doctor kaka leaves as Lajjo reminds him to go as Kaki might be waiting. Lajjo says I love srving people. Samrat says think about your parents, you should give some time to them too. Lajjo says I m very happy in that house but you know Nikhil does not love me, you know the truth of my marriage. She says I m not complaining you, my parents love me a lot. They think I m like a queen there. Samrat says don’t worry, I will not tell anything to anyone.

He blesses her. Ishaana tells Aditi and Kunal that she loves Nikhil and will marry only him. Kunal is shocked. Kunal is angry on Ishaana for lying to him. Ishaana says mum forced me. Kunal says you said yes for marrying me. He says why did you say yes then. He says were you waiting for Lajjo to leave. She says I did not wish to hurt you, but I don’t love you. Kunal slaps Ishaana. He says you deserve this, Lajjo has left Nikhil, she won by losing and you have lost by cheating us, the people who love you.

Lajjo tells Samrat that she is not going back. Her mum is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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