Gustakh Dil 30th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 30th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jasmine telling Lakhi to go and watch the show. She says you will have fun. She asks Lajjo to go with them. Nikhil says yes, we will study here and Lajjo will take them, the program won’t be cancelled. Saraswati comes and asks whats happening. Lakhi says Nikhil can’t come, Lajjo will take us. Saraswati says no, we will go with Nikhil when he gets free. Nikhil insists them to go. Jasmine says can we do this assignment at my home, as mum in unwell and Chachu is not at home. Nikhil says fine, no problem. Jasmine sees Lajjo and smiles. Lajjo thinks she has trapped me smartly. A man comes to meet Barkha and Nani. Nani smiles seeing him, and says Inder has sent him.

He says the house is big and it will charge more. Nani says yes, don’t worry, come I will show you home. Barkha asks Chaya to show him the home and let him check. He goes. Barkha asks Nani its electrician, how is he dressed up, he is strange. Nani says I liked him, he is so polite. He comes back. Chaya says he is saying house is very big. Barkha says so what. Nani says such a big family leaves here. He ass why do you want to sell it. Barkha says who told you. He says you asked me to check all rooms. Nani says we thought you are electrician. He says no, I came to see the house to buy.

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Barkha says no, that our neighboring house. He says I m sorry. Nani laughs and says we are sorry. Barkha says have tea, please sit. He starts chatting with Nani, Rishi comes and says hi Nani. The man says you don’t look like Nani, I think I should leave now. Barkha says yes, I hope you like the bungalow and gives him water. Nani says keep meeting. Barkha laughs. Its morning, Jasmine and Nikhil do the assignment. She says I m tired, lets take a break. He says first lets do the assignment. She says fine, I will get coffee, we can have short coffee break. He says fine. She smiles and brings the coffee. She acts like slipping and falls on him. She sees the lipstick stain on his blazer and says I will clean it. He says its ok, I will get it cleaned.

She says its lipstick mark. He says I will ask Lajjo to give it to dry cleaning. She smiles. Lajjo, Lakhi and Saraswati come back from play and talk to Inder and Barkha. She says she wants to go again. Inder says you can go with Gunjan and Rishi. Barkha smiles. Lajjo asks where is Nikhil. Barkha says he is in his room. Lajjo comes to him and sees him studying on his laptop. He asks how was the play, did Lakhi had fun. She says it was good. He calls Chaya. She says she is busy, what do you want. He says he has to give jacket to dry clean. She says I will get it done. I will give it to Chaya.

Jasmine calls Lajjo and tells about the blazer. Lajjo sees the lipstick mark. Lajjo says she is from village and does not know all this politics, only she can do this, she can’t. She scolds Jasmine and makes her angry. She says I don’t know how to leave lipstick marks on someone and where there is love, there are no marks. Jasmine says you don’t have idea how close we were. Lajjo says so he asked me to clean the jacket, else he would have hidden it. She ends the call. Its morning, Rishi asks who used my laptop. Barkha asks what happened. Rishi says someone deleted my imp file folder and gets angry. He asks Lakhi did she delete it and she hides.

He says I told you to play games, why did you delete it. Nikhil comes and says don’t get angry on her, she does not know how to use, she did a mistake. Rishi says but….Nikhil says get the file by recycle bin or backup. Rishi says sorry. Saraswati says she does not listen to me and makes Lakhi say sorry. Nikhil says no need and supports Lakhi. Nikhil says its Lakhi’s house and lifts her. Saraswati says Lakhi will spoil, when we go back village, we can’t give her computer. Lajjo says Lakhi will get educated and make our name shine. They smile.

Lajjo meets Sagar and says she will get her mum some day to meet him. He says fine, I will meet her. She asks are they adjusting here. Lajjo says she is trying, she has BP problem and thinksa lot, doctor changed her medicines. Sagar gets a call and goes. Lajjo calls Nikhil and talks about her mum’s medicines, and message me the names, else you can get it. He says I will ask Kaki to call you, I m at home, Jasmine is coming here to use my laptop.Lajjo thinks she knows Jasmine’s laptop is working fine and she is finding way to be with Nikhil.

Jasmine comes to meet Nikhil and asks him to help her. Nikhil says just chill, I will help you. She says you are very caring, and you run to help Lajjo, you even have forgiven Lajjo, she has chated you, even after that, we have seen her. Nikhil says it can be wrong, I know Lajjo and I m sure we thought wrong about her. Jasmine is shocked. Saraswati comes and he introduces her as mum in law. He leaves. Saraswati looks at her.

Shreya gets Nikhil and Lajjo together. Jasmine is angry seeing them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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