Gustakh Dil 30th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 30th April 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 30th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lajjo shouting for help to Nikhil. Nikhil hears her and runs to save her. He thinks of his brother Akash’s death which happened as he left his hand. He holds her hand and pulls her up. He hugs her and is very tensed. Barkha talks to Nani and Inder and says why did Nikhil not come till now. Barkha thinks about Lajjo’s words. Nani says Lajjo is a village gilr, she is simple and determined, she did a lot for us, everyone are missing her. She says love is strong and Nikhil went to her as he loves Lajjo, you won’t understand, don’t worry, Lajjo won’t come here. Inder says Nikhil does not want to come back without Lajjo. He scolds her and says you are adamant and you don’t really care about Nikhil.

Barkha says I m worried about his future, I m his mum. Inder shouts on her and says your ego matters to you more than Nikhil. I m his father. He says we lost one son in an accident but what you are doing now is not an accident. He says if anything happens to Nikhil, you will be responsible, if Nikhil leaves this house, then you will also have to leave this house. Barkha is shocked. Lajjo tells Nikhil that he has saved her. Nikhil says yes, I was very afraid, I was getting flashes on Akash. He says I overcame my fears. She says I felt I will lose you forever.

Lajjo asks why are you seeing there. She asks him not to be annoyed. He says I will not go Delhi without you, I will do as you say, you will come with me at any cost. She says no, I m asking few days time, I will educate and be something, then you can proudly see that Lajjo is my wife. She says I don’t want anyone to taunt you about me. Nikhil says trust me, you don’t need to change, I want you to be like this, you are very good, I like you. She says I know but the world does not understand this.

He says mum will never appreciate you even if you become something, this is happening because of her. She says I will come to you. He says we won’t be happy staying separate, please understand. She says please you understand me. He says fine, do what you want, I will be happy in your happiness. She says do one promise, till I become something, you will not meet me. Nikhil is shocked. She holds his hand and says I will feel weak if I see you. She cries. He says fine, as you say.

He says fine, promise me you won’t cut your hair like mum. She laughs and yes never, promise. She hugs him. Nani tells Barkha that she won’t tell anything as she will feel bad. She says Inder’s anger is justified, no one will support you in this, not even me. Nani leaves. Barkha cries and says everything will be ruined on one moment. She says this is my house and I won’t have a place here. Lajjo’s mum scolds her daughters. Putti’s mum comes and scolds Lajjo. Her mum asks what happened. Putti’s mum says Putti run away with Bansi. They are shocked.

Putti’s mum scolds Lajjo for knowing everything and fooling them. She holds Lajjo’s hand and says take me to her. Nikhil comes and stops her. He says you don’t have a right to talk to Lajjo like this, Putti is outside. He calls Putti in. Putti comes with Bansi. Nikhil says Lajjo asked them not to run, it is not her mistake. Putti’s mum gets angry on Putti. Nikhil says they love each other, how could you make Putti marry an old man. Nikhil says did you find out whom she loves. He says she loves Bansi and as you were not understanding her, she decided to run away.

Putti’s mum says he is not of our caste. Nikhil and Lajjo say that Bansi loves Putti and will always keep her happy. They explain Putti’s mum. She tells them that the village will boycott her if she does this. Lajjo says think about Putti first. Nikhil says I take the responsibility of them. Barkha thinks about Lajjo’s words and sees Akash’s pic. She says you will be lonely Lajjo like I m now.

Nikhil is going back to Delhi. Lajjo runs to him and hugs him.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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