Gustakh Dil 2nd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 2nd September 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 2nd September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the head housekeeper bringing breakfast for Lajjo and Lajjo tells her about the oddity that is the shower in her bathroom. The housekeeper walks away angrily without replying. She has to make tea herself from a tea pot and messes it up. Nikhil’s father is talking to the grandfather angrily and Nikhil comes and stops his father by disconnecting the phone. He says the wedding was his decision and no one forced him, so to stop blaming anyone else.

Ishana shows up and everyone is worried, including Nikhil. Ishana is happy to see him and starts asking why his phone was turned off. She is upset with him for not calling her. She brings him a gift for his birthday. Ishana opens the gift and it is a digital photo frame filled with their pictures. She seems to

realize something is wrong when everyone is somber and no one is excited about the gift. Lajjo is watching all this from the lobby upstairs and Ayesha turns to look at her (and the others follow with their gaze). Ishana asks who is she? She asks Nikhil’s mother and she says Nikhil will tell her. Nikhil says that she is Lajjo and his mother urges him to tell her the relation too. Nikhil doesn’t say anything and so his mother meanly says that she is Nikhil’s wife. Nikhil tries to explain the situation and Ishana doesn’t want to listen. She just asks him if she is his wife and Nikhil says yes. Ishana runs away and Nikhil runs after her. Lajjo sees it all.
Barkha starts telling Ayesha to have the housekeeper tell Lajjo to go back to her room and not come out unless asked to come out. She rues that if anyone else sees her, then they will have to give a whole bunch of explanations. Lajjo is flabbergasted and tells Barkha that she will go herself and no need to have call anyone else for this.

Ishana reaches her house and runs to her bedroom. Nikhil is still running behind her, but she bangs the door in his face. Nikhil is begging her to listen to him and open the door. Both break down crying on opposite sides of the door. She has flashbacks of their time together and keeps crying.

The younger sister (I think her name is Gunja?) comes to Lajjo’s room and brings her food. She starts to ask Lajjo questions about her family, which Lajjo does not answer and remains quiet. So Gunja tells her about their family. She asks Lajjo why she is so quiet and if she doesn’t like to talk? Lajjo has a flashback of her talking with her mother while she is applying oil in her hair. Lajjo starts crying remembering her family. Gunja gets upset that she caused her to cry and starts to leave. Lajjo asks her to stop and tells her that she misses her mother and so started crying. She also says that her mother told her to not talk much at her in-laws and even if she did want to talk ,she has no one to talk to, and hence does not talk. Gunja says that you can talk to me. Lajjo asks her who the girl from the morning was? Gunja grudgingly says that Ishana is Nikhil’s friend, like his other friends.

On the other hand, Ishana is still crying in her room and having flashbacks of her time with Nikhil. She opens the door and Nikhil is no longer outside her bedroom. She goes downstairs and sees Nikhil sitting on the floor of her living room looking very morose. He looks up and sees her and they run towards each other and hug. They continue to cry, while holding each other. The episode ends on a split screen of their hug and Lajjo.

Precap: Lajjo is saying to Nikhil that he shouldn’t have married her. Nikhil looks at her angrily(?).

Update Credit to: Persephone

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