Gustakh Dil 2nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 2nd May 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 2nd May 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lajjo’s mum coming to her and saying Nikhil reached safely. She brings food for her and asks her to eat it. Lajjo looks at the sky and eats the food thinking about Nikhil. Rubaaroo……………. Gustakh dil………………plays……………….Lajjo cries. Ayesha brings Adhiraj to his home and he is much hurt. She says I will bring water for you. She says sorry, this happened because of me. She cries and says I m sorry for what Sid did with you, he was my fiancé. He says forget it and we won’t talk about him. She tells him everything about Sid’s character.

She says he tried to molest me and Nikhil has beaten him. Adhiraj says don’t take all the credit, actually he was jealous seeing a handsome hunk like me. She smiles. He asks her to go home, as its late. She shows him the medicines and asks him to take on time. She leaves. Adhiraj smiles. Nikhil sees Akash’s pic and thinks about him. He says I miss you, you know mum did not forgive me till now. He imagines his childhood with Akash. Barkha asks him what is he doing in Akash’s room. Nikhil wipes his tears.

He asks can’t I come here, its my brother’s room too. He says you made me guilty to Akash’s death whole life, I don’t want your forgiveness. He says I came here only because of Lajjo, she taught me to live life without any guilt and regret. She taught me to be happy. Barkha says she have told you that I m responsible for Akash’s death and not you. Nikhil says no, I just know that Lajjo showed you the mirror, I don’t care if you don’t accept the truth, I just know I m not running from myself.

Nikhil leaves and comes to Inder. He returns him his credit cards and the car keys. He says I don’t need this now and I will pay for my accommodation here. Barkha hears this. Nikhil thanks Inder. Nikhil says I won’t study now as I need a job. Inder asks what kind of job. Nikhil says I don’t need your help, I won’t be dependent on you. Nikhil leaves.

Nikhil comes for the interviews but does not get any job. He tries hard and faces rejection everywhere. Lajjo comes home and cries. Her parents ask what happened. Lajjo says there are riots in the college and now my studies will be stopped. Her mum says go to Nikhil, he will get any college for you in Delhi. Her dad says they took this decision, don’t make her weak, we should respect her decision, don’t worry, the Lord will make everything fine. Nikhil comes to meet his friends.

He asks how is Ishaana. Shreya says she went to UK alone. Nikhil gives the watch to Cobra and asks him to give him some money. Rancho hears this. Cobra gives him some money as Rancho insists. Nikhil thanks her. Lajjo misses Nikhil.

Rancho comes to meet Lajjo and asks her to take tuitions and earn money.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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