Gustakh Dil 29th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 29th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Inder being in happy mood and making Barkha smile. He says its a good fay today, Barkha has apologized to Lajjo, my God, how did this happen, I was waiting for this day when you end all differences with Lajjo. He feels she has removed a big burden off his chest and he feels he gold his old Barkha back. She asks what. He says you became hard after you lost Akash and got bitterness, it was tough to talk to you. He says I m happy that you are happy now, its everything fine. She smiles and looks at him. She asks is he really happy for her, do you still worry for me and love me? He says what are you talking about, ofcourse I love you, we have gone through many years of marriage, nothing is important to me than this marriage. She says I know I m not a perfect wife and mum, I have been really been difficult, and you were calm, controlled and balanced, you always tried to calm me.

She says tell me did you ever feel I pushed you away and you could not come back. He says I don’t understand. Forget the past now, please. He says we are happy and I love you a lot. She smiles and thinks she wants to believe him, and wants this to be the truth, but she is not trusting him completely.

Its morning, Lajjo wakes up Ayesha. Ayesha asks why, is Nikhil fine. Lajjo says yes, we have to go somewhere. Ayesha says she won’t come to meet Adhiraj. Lajjo says why will I take you there. Ayesha asks then where. Lajjo says patience, and asks her to see the clock and get ready in 15mins. Lajjo and Ayesha come to meet Shalini. Shalini asks about Nikhil. Lajjo says he is fine. Shalini asks them to sit. Shalini says now I can’t tell you to go and make coffee. Lajjo introduces Ayesha to her. Shalini says you are Ayesha whom Adhiraj loves. Ayesha is shocked and looks on. Ayesha stays quiet.

Shalini says its obvious that you will hate me and my family. Lajjo says no, why will she hate you, your husband did all this, he is responsible, you have helped me riskng your life, you made me run with evidence. She says I could not save Nikhil, you made your husband get arrested, it needs courage to do this. Shalini says she did not have courage but did it. Lajjo thanks her and cries. She says this was impossible for me, but I did not come to just say thanks, there is something important. Shalini says say it. Lajjo says Ayesha loves Adhiraj a lot and they want to marry. Lajjo says after knowing Adhiraj’s father. Ayesha could not forgive him. Shalini says I can understand, come and sit near me. Lajjo signs Ayesha.

Shalini says you will be very good if Adhiraj chose you. Ayesha says but nothing left in between us now. Shalini explains that its tough to love such a man whose father gave much pain to your family, I m sorry. Ayesha says sorry, Lajjo got me here, I don’t know what to say, I m feeling awkward, Lajjo lets go home. Shalini asks her to sit for sometime.

Barkha comes in Akash’s room and Nikhil sees her. He turns and she stops him. He says he did not want to disturb you. He says he came to you that you apologized to Lajjo. She says she will apologize to him too. He says no, its enough that you accepted Lajjo, I just wanted to say thanks. Barkha asks him to sit. Shalini tells Ayesha that Adhiraj was not happy in this house, he used to hate his father. She holds Ayesha’s hand and says for Adhiraj, his ethics were important and I did not had courage to leave this house, but he had the courage, you know its not easy to live lavish life.

She says he went leaving everything here, as he has a passion, he wanted to struggle, he wanted to run after his dreams. She says Adhiraj has the sense to differentiate between right and wrong. She says don’t punish Adhiraj for my husband’s mistake. Ayesha cries. Shalini asks her to think and decide. Lajjo says we will leave now. Ayesha says she felt glad meeting her, Lajjo did right to get me here to meet you. Lajjo smiles. Ayesha hugs Shalini. Shalini gives her gold bangles to her and says its my blessings. Ayesha thanks her.

Nikhil talks to Barkha being in Akash’s room. He says when I come in this room, I become the 11 year old Nikhil who did not get mum’s love. He says I think you are right, but I don’t agree that a son did not get his mum’s love, I always wanted to get your love mum, and you went far from me. He cries and says you must be right, you had the grief. Barkha says she did injustice with him, but now everything is over. She says she does not have hatred or anger for him now. She says I realized this time that my anger has gone, I love you. She says she felt she is repeating her mistake as she blamed him for Akash and blamed Lajjo for Nikhil.

She says I was making such a huge mistake. She cries and says I m really sorry Nikhil. Nikhil says no mum, no need to say sorry to me. He rests in her lap and cries. He says I m very happy mum. Lajjo comes home and says she has good news, of Adhiraj and Ayesha’s marriage. Everyone is shocked. Nani says we did not know. Lajjo says we have to do marriage soon. She asks them to give permission, Inder says now we know his family. Lajjo says Ayesha met Shalini and Shalini liked her so much, so she gave shagun bangles too. She asks them to agree. Barkha looks on. Nani asks where is Ayesha. Lajjo says she went to meet Adhiraj, she said she will come before 9pm. Nani jokes and everyone smile. Lajjo says its celebration at 9pm, its surprise. Gunjan asks what. Lajjo smiles.

Jasmine walks in Nikhil’s birthday party and hugs him, shocking everyone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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