Gustakh Dil 28th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 28th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarushi saying Sagar do you think we will sponsor her, just look at her. She can’t be a star, did she come here for cleaning the office. She insults Lajjo and says I m sorry I can’t sponsor her. Sagar and Lajjo are shocked. Anjali comes there. Aarushi says no one will sponsor her, I m sure you know the difference between charity and sponsorship. Singh says Sagar knows talent, Lajjo is very talented, she did not get time to get ready, so she came here in this state, we take her guarantee, she will win everyone’s heart. Anjali says I will do her styling, don’t worry.

Aarushi says I m sorry, I don’t think our show will be hit, she has nothing in her, only a miracle can change her. Sagar says you are right. Sagar says she has nothing, no looks, no style, no value of others time, she has nothing, only a miracle can change her, and that miracle is me. He says you are not investing on this girl, but on me, SK. Anjali smiles. Sagar says trust me, that I will change her and take her to the sky. Lajjo looks on. Aarushi says but 7 days only, to change her into a princess, show me your talent. She says I will make your show successful.

Sagar leaves. Singh asks Lajjo to come. Ravi tells everyone that he felt so much insulted to see Nikhil working as a salesman at a diamond shop. Nikhil comes home. Ravi says you won’ work there. Nikhil argues with him and says sorry I can’t let you decide. Ravi says you are ruining your name, you don’t care about our respect, don’t you have any self esteem, are you not ashamed. Nikhil says why, am I a thief, or smuggler, no one is born as CEO, they have to start from rugs.

Ravi says I was ashamed infront of my friend. Nikhil says I did not request you to introduce me, I m not interested. Inder and Nani looks on. Nikhil says I m independent, I don’t need to gove anyone justification, if anyone has a problem with the job. I don’t care, break the relations. He leaves. Ravi gets angry and see what he said, we are unlucky that people know him. Nani says calm down. Rabi says you are supporting her. Inder says enough now. Nani is right.

Inder says let me do what he wants. Lajjo talks to Sagar and he is angry on her for coming late. He says everything was ready over here and you messed up everything. Anjali says calm down, we still have 7 days. Sagar says if she comes late, what miracle will I do. He says now you are my find, I trust my talent. He says we have to make her learn everything. He says you have 7 days to learn. Anjali says don’t worry, I will make her ready in 7 days.Sagar says rehearsals will start from tomorrow. Sagar says no explanations.

Lajjo wants to tell him about Mili but he leaves. Nikhil has dinner and Gunjan serves him. She talks about Lajjo and him. She says I did not know people can do this in love. I don’t trust love, I m like Nikumb. He asks who is he. She promotes Bawre. Anjali says hi Trishna and comes to Lajjo. Lajjo asks my name is not Trisha, my name is Lajwanti. Anjali says but Sagar said this. Lajjo asks are you joking. Anjali says no this is your new name. Anjali smiles. Lajjo says I won’t change my name. Anjali jokes and Lajjo laughs.

Anjali says you look beautiful when you smile, it won’t be hard to groom you. Lajjo says she is ready to learn. Anjali starts her grooming and says good you know English but has a problem in diction. Ratri comes in the diamond store and says I want some exclusive sets. Nikhil asks them to sit and shows them. She sees his name badge and says Nikhil Bharadwaj? She says I m Ratri Sharma, Vivek Sharma’s daughter, I met you in Ishaana’s party. Mamta hears them. Ratri says its good to be independent.

She says you believe you have to start from ground level, I m happy for you, so are you still with Ishaana? Nikhil says no, we are separated. She says can we meet on coffee. He says I don’t think I will able to make it. She says we can meet on dinner. She gives her number to him. She says you can call me and says we will leave bye. He says bye mam. Mamta says great Nikhil, you joined few days and you are becoming friend of such a big celebrity. He thinks who is she, I don’t remember her.

The girls ask Lajjo to make coffee for them. They tease her. Lajjo speaks in English and answers them well. She says I m not here to do your service which shocks them.

The girls think to rag Lajjo and make her fall while dancing.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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