Gustakh Dil 28th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 28th April 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 28th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Saraswati getting shocked on seeing Laajo in the house so early, she asks her if everything is okay. Laajo tells her that that everyone was sleeping so she decided to come here and visit her mother. She tells her that Barkha hasn’t accepted her but there is nothing to worry as she has her husband with her. Bua also comes in and tells that Laajo is so nice that one Barkha will accept her.

Puthi sees Barkha exercising and is amused with that, she runs in and disturbs her to take her blessings. Barkha gets irritated with her and asks her If she has any manners, Laajo comes in and handles the situations Puthi tells her that she wanted to say more things to Barkha. She also tells her that she and Bansi are not running away but Laajo would have to do something to help


Barkha and Anuradha are talking about laajo Bua tells her that Laajo is a very good girl and that Nikhil also loves her so for his happiness she should accept her. Barkha says that this love is of no use when Laajo is not fit for their society in all the months that she lived there Nikhil was embaressed to take her out then how will they live together now. Bua tells her that Laajo is very smart she can easily learn new things and that she is a very traditional girl. Barkha gets irritated hearing the word traditional (Sanskaari), as she recalls the time when Baba called her unfit for this house as she was not a traditional person and that she was held responsible for separating Inder from his family. She also adds in that Laajo cannot be a traditional girl as she is also breaking her husband’s family. Laajo was at the corner of the room and overheard everything.

She is sitting all alone in her house and is thinking about the times in the city when Nikhil had shouted on her and how his friends could not think that Laajo and him were suitable for each other, she cries and goes away from there. In the city Ayesha is worried about what Adhiraaj would wear, she calls him and asks him to go shopping with her they both cutely fight on the phone and he tells her that whoever he is she has to accept him like that.

Nikhil is playing with Laajo’s sisters when Saraswati inquires about Laajo, they both don’t know where she is. She asks him about the situation with his mother, he consoles her by saying that it doesn’t matter he deserves another chance and that he and Laajo would live separately and happily. He asks her to make a special food for his son and not for his son-in-law.

In the city Ayesha is waiting at the tea stall and is waiting for Adhi, due to the immense tension she has drank four cups of tea . She sees a white car and is shocked to see Adhiraaj there with a suit. She is very surprised and they go the club, she asks him if he can afford all of this. They both spot Sid and Sid and Adhi have an argument about what kind of people enter the clubs. Sid insults him about where he got his suit but Adhi didn’t feel bad. Instead he went somewhere for a while and when he comes back the manager of the club requests everyone to leave as there is a private function. Sid feels very insulted when is comes to know that Adhiraaj is the one that has the party . Ayesha is very happy on seeing Sid like that and she comes to know that Adhi’s friend is the owner of the club. The both dance and are happy with each other.

In the village Barkha is sitting there and blaming Baba for the whole situation, laajo comes in and tells her that all the blame is of their love. Laajo tells that she has never till now spoken in front of her like that but now she would have to. She brings up the topic of Aakash and tells her how Nikhil is still haunted by what happened and how it is not his fault. she tells him that Aakash went on the roof to pick flowers for his mother and his feet slipped and how could a small boy support his brother. She tells him that till now she has never forgiven Nikhil. She also says that she loves Nikhil a lot and that she has full faith in their love. She also says that she has made a decision that she will not come and live with them. Barkha is surprised and asks her if that is it then that Laajo is out of their lives. But laajo clarifies that she is not coming with them now, from now one she will move forward and will make herself worthy of the society. She will only come back when she will be accepted by Barkha with respect. She promises that the day will come when Barkha will see the goodness in her and will accept her and will not insult her. She also says that this decision is not because she is scared but because she doesn’t want Nikhil to be insulted everyday by his own mother because of his wife.

Precap – Laajo slips and has fallen, she is at the edge of a high roof on the fort. Nikhil runs to save her and he feels dizzy…

Update Credit to: Desigirl

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