Gustakh Dil 27th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 27th September 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 27th September 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Ayesha screaming, everyone thinks what indeed happened and run to her room. She shows them that Lajjo dared to pass through her room and put her clothes to dry in the terrace. She asks to call Lajjo who was standing next to the door. Lajjo says as there was sun and fresh air she thought of drying her clothes. NN says to Lajjo she must get it clearly how to do thing properly. Sheila tells Lajjo that in the house the clothes is washed in the washing machine and then dry in the dryer.Lajjo wants to learn how to used it, but Ayesha opposes saying if Lajjo clothes are washed in the machine her clothes can’t be washed. Lajjo asked so where will she going to was and dry her clothes. Barkha says a room is already given to her.
Ayesha brings Lajjo clothes in a wacky

way and throws it Lajjo before leaving picks all her clothes and also Ayesha new veil unintentional.
In the village saraswati is lots excited and keeps on asking Rambachan how is Lajjo house. He says Lajjo is having a lavish life.
Rambachan tells them how he received in Lajjo house and what she cooked for him etc etc.
Saraswati begins to cry thinking how lucky is Laajo.

Lajjo room she’s putting her clothes to dry in her room and suddenly sees the stained veil of Ayesha she’s lots worried as Ayesha will be angry on her, she tries to remove it.
Ayesha is on the phone with Sid she says that she tells him about the designer war selected by Barkha for her and which she’ll be wearing for the function.

Barkha explains ayesha about the meaning of marriage and relationship.. She tells her now she must manage on herself and when needed all the family will be there for her. Ayesha also asks her lots of questions.
She tells Ayesha though her in laws are sweet and understanding still they are strangers. ayesha says she’s scaring her. Barkha says she’s only preparing her for the future.

Lajjo goes in the kitchen and boil some turmeric water and put in Ayesha which she hides from everyone in the fridge.
Nikhil arrives in the kitchen and she prepares something for him. He says delicious and asks to bing more for him in his room.
Lajjo is happy the veil turns yellow which is a good omen for a wedding.
Ayesha goes to invite Ishana and others Nikhil friends for her sangeet. Ishana is very upset but Ayesha wants her to be present in her wedding as she helped her through the preparations.

Ayesha and Gunja are keeping ready everything Ayesha will need to get ready for the function. She notices her veil is not be seen. Gunja says she will go to search for it. Lajjo brings the veil and tells a furious Ayesha why she’s in the room and how she coloured the veil.

In Lajjo room Sid is holding her by her arm and asks what is he doing to leave her. He says he will not leave him Lajjo slaps him.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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