Gustakh Dil 27th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 27th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikhil being confused hearing Lajjo’s voice. He says no she is Trishna, I see and hear Lajjo everywhere. Sagar and Lajjo are on the way as she is driving. Sagar says the world is hearing you and identifying you with Trishna’s name.Lajjo suddenly bumps into Nikhil’s car and he gets shaken up. He gets out of the car to see who did this and Lajjo is shocked seeing him. She gets tensed. She bends down. Sagar says don’t worry, I will see. Sagar and Nikhil think they met before, in the village, and identify each other. Sagar says you, we met in Sonbarsa, you helped me. Nikhil says yes. Sagar says I m so sorry.

Nikhil says its strange, we always meet on road. Sagar says I m Sagar Khurana. Nikhil says nice to meet you, its fine, but you were not driving, there was a girl on the wheel right. Sagar says she is my academy student, I was teaching her driving. Nikhil asks where is she, she has to apologize. Lajjo thinks what to do now. Sagar says she is afraid and hiding. Nikhil says fine, I m in hurry, I have to flight to catch. Sagar says you told me people of Sonbarsa are good, its good I really realized it, the girl I cursed that day is now my rising star. Nikhil laughs. He leaves. Sagar comes back laughing and sees Lajjo upset.

Nikhil says why is everything happening wrong, I have to take my flight. Lajjo asks Sagar did he go. Sagar says yes. Lajjo cries. Sagar asks why are you afraid, that guy Nikhil told me positive things about Sonbarsa. Ratri talks to Barkha on phone and says Nikhil came on my words. Barkha says congrats to win his truth. Barkha asks her not to be overconfident.

Barkha says I know my son Nikhil, he won’t fall for you easily, he is not that guy who like beauty and slip for them, you can impress him with your thoughts. Ratri says yes I will impress him. Lajjo sees Mili hiding something and ends the call with Anjali. Mili hides a glass bowl. Lajjo says you are having ice, you can get cold, I will get icecream for you. Sagar comes and says I m going out of Delhi, I will come tomorrow. Mili says no, I feel scared alone. Sagar says I know Ahuja is not here, so I called Anjali, she will stay with you at night. Mili says no, I won’t let you go, and asks Lajjo to stay with her. Sagar says she can’t stay here, Anjali is coming. Mili hugs Lajjo and insists.

Sagar says its matter of one night Lajjo, shall I talk to your landlady. Lajjo agrees to be with her. Lajjo calls the landlady. Sagar talks to her and she is shocked happily. Sagar smiles. He requests her to let Lajjo be here for a night with his daughter, as he is going out of city. The lady says fine, I mj agreeing only as you are saying. Sagar thanks her. She too thanks him happily. Mili makes good plans with Lajjo and they smile.

Ayesha sees Adhiraj at the tea stall and comes to him. She talks to the tea vendor and tells him that she will not be able to come here again, he asks why, are you going somewhere. She says yes, I m marrying and going to America. He says congrats. Adhiraj hears this and gets angry. He turns his face. Adhiraj says great you are marrying. She says yes, so what, do you care. She takes tea. They start arguing. She says shall I listen your lectures, you said I don’t have any place in your life, so does my marriage matter to you. They start fighting and the tea vendor looks on. He says you came here to make her hear of your marriage.

She leaves annoyed. Nani talks to Nikhil and he says he went by economy class. He says Dubai is good. She asks do you feel lonely there. He asks why are you asking me. She says you always stay alone and now job, travelling. Nikhil says yes, since Lajjo left, I feel very lonely. She says call her and asks her who is she, studies and all. He says no, we promised we will not talk till she becomes something. I feel to call and talk to her, but I stop myself.

Nani ends the call. She thinks is Barkha after Lajjo by planting Ratri in Nikhil’s life. I have to find out. Lajjo makes Mili sleep by telling her stories. They have a good time. Lajjo hears some sound and goes to see. She is shocked to see a thief and thinks what to do as she is alone at home.

Nikhil is sleeping and someone changes his bag.

Update Credit to: Amena

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