Gustakh Dil 27th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 27th December 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 27th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lajjo forgiving Nikhil. He says will you come in the party. She cries and says you go, I will come. He says sure? Sorry Lajjo. He leaves and comes in the party. He joins his gang. Nani blesses Ishaana for throwing the lovely party. Ishaana says thanks, and the fun is about to begin. She announces the musical chairs game. Lajjo comes in the party. Ishaana asks her to join the game. Its only the women who are playing. Nikhil looks on. The game begins.

Barkha is out from the game. The game continues. Nani does not get the chair and she sits in Lajjo’c lap. Barkha laughs seeing her. Everyone are out except Ishaana and Lajjo. They compete. Everyone claps and the friends call out Ishaana. Ishaana purposely makes Lajjo wins and Barkha is shocked. Nikhil understands

what Ishaana did. Everyone are stunned to see Lajjo win. Lajjo does not understand why Ishaana suddenly sat on the floor. Everyone claps for Lajjo. Barkha tells Nani did you see what Ishaana did. Nani says oh yes, how could I miss it, she made Nikhil know that she made Lajjo win. Barkha says she is doing great.
Rishi says Lajjo won and gives her the prize. Lajjo smiles. Nikhil thanks Ishaana for bringing the smile back on Lajjo’s face and says you are simply the best. Everyone are talking about Ishaana. Some women stop Lajjo and asks are you Nikhil’s wife and laughs on her. Lajjo asks are you feeling good in the party. They says yes, we are enjoying, come sit with us, lets talk. They ask her name. Lajjo says my name is Lajwanti and everyone call me Lajjo.

They laugh on Lajjo and make her eat the liquid chocolate. Ishaana comes to rescue Lajjo and says you should have told her before making her eat, she does nor drink, don’t you know. She apologizes to Lajjo. Lajjo says its fine, I will learn city these traits soon. Lajjo goes. Ishaana laughs with her friends. Cobra tells everyone about the game to be played where the guy will be blindfolded and reach his girlfriend.

The game starts and some guys take part and finds their girlfriends. Everyone claps for them. Cobra cheats and everyone calls him a cheater. Its Nikhil’s turn now. He is blindfolded and he has to find Ishaana, but he does not. Ishaana stops him and says you lost. Nikhil says sorry, let me try again. They allow him again. He promises her that he will find her this time. Lajjo looks on. Nikhil touches everyone’s hand and tries to identify Ishaana but he comes to Lajjo and holds her hand. He says this is 100% Lajjo and removes the band from his eyes.

Kunal says wow Nikhil, its great, you found Lajjo the one you love the most. Ishaana is angry. Cobra says this is called true love. Ishaana thinks true love, my foot, how could Nikhil recognize her hand. Ayesha talks to Rancho and says Ishaana mde Lajjo win, she has a big heart and Lajjo is so happy, Ishaana is so sweet to Lajjo, she scolded Nikhil when Nikhil was laughing on her. Rancho says its strange, Ishaana’s bahevior. Ayesha says maybe Ishaana has accepted Nikhil’s marriage. Rancho says then why does she lie to her mum to meet Nikhil.

Lajjo comes and talks to Rancho. Rancho asks how did Nikhil know its you. Lajjo says Nikhil has cheated, as he came to know my hand by my burnt hand. Rancho feels Lajjo loves Nikhil but why can’t Nikhil see it. Lajjo comes in the party and joins Nikhil. Nikhil asks Lajjo to have icecreams. Everyone insists. Ishaana is angry seeing Nikhil with Lajjo.

Nikhil and Ishaana are about to kiss and get closer. Lajjo sees this and is very much upset.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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