Gustakh Dil 26th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 26th September 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 26th September 2013 Written Update

Shaila tells Chaya it’s house not orphanage and just because Barkha is not at home doesn’t mean she will do whatever she wants. She further tells her Chiku should leave before Barkha comes home and asks about sweets she kept in fridge. Chaya remembers Lajjo taking promise from her not to tell anyone that her father came and tells Shaila she gave sweets to Nikhil with tea. Shaila leaves for market to buy fruits and vegetables asking Chaya to do preparation for lunch. Before leaving she tells Chiku not to play with ball inside the house. Chaya tells her Chiku to sit in one place and not to do any masti.

Chiku’s ball lands in Lajjo room. Lajjo asks about him and realizes he is Chaya’s son. Lajjo tells she would play with him after she puts her clothes for drying.

Lajjo leaves while Chiku sits on bed.

In car, Barkha tells her mother she won’t tolerate any nonsese to which her mother replies she hopes she takes a stand this time. Barkha says she knows what to do this time. Ayesha is witness to their conversation.

In hall, Lajjo comes down searching for Chiku asking why he left room to which he replies he was getting bored. Lajjo and Chiku start playing catch catch with ball then cushions. Barkha, Nani and Ayesha walk inside home. A cushion comes flying on Nani’s face. Lajjo and Chiku are shocked to see them. Barkha, Nani and Ayesha look at the mess created by Lajjo and Chiku. Barkha scolds Chaya for bringing her son in house. Shaila come back from market. Nani scolds her. Lajjo takes the entire blame on herself. Chaya comes with cloth and bucket to clean the stains on sofa when Barkha stops her an says who did it dirty will do it. Lajjo starts cleaning the sofa. One by one all leave. Chaya and Chiku look back at Lajjo before leaving who seem to be holding back her tears.

Chaya returns and Lajjo asks how to clean cushion covers to which Chaya asks to leave it to her. Lajjo asks about Chiku and Chaya tells she left him at neighbours place. She further adds it was her mistake to bring Chiku here and how notorious he has become. Lajjo tells Chiku is a kid and it’s his age to play. Chaya gets emotional says what Lajjo did today for her noone would and for a maid’s son she stood against her in laws those who don’t like her. Lajjo says she stood for truth and is bearing punishment for her mistake. Chaya starts helping Lajjo and says what can be expected from Barkha who has no love for her son and stops midway. Lajjo asks what but Chaya twists her words and says she meant Barkha is angry on Nikhil for marrying her. Chaya apologizes to Lajjo for whatever she had to bear because of Chiku. Lajjo tells her she calls Chaya Didi so that way she and Chiku have relation as well. Chaya tells she is very nice. Lajjo asks her to smile and to get vacuum cleaner. Chaya leaves.

Ayesha’s room, Nikhil comes there and compliments the outfit Ayesha selected for evening occasion. Ayesha and Nikhil have conversation about Ishaana. She tells him she is going to invite Ishaana personally for the function and rest he has to do.

Rosey leaves after discussing with Barkha and Nani about the arrangements for the function. Nani asks Barkha if she told Nikhil to stay at home to which she replies he is not a kid and should understand he should be present there. Ayesha screams Barkha and Nani’s name from her room. They along with Shaila go upstairs to check. Ayesha tells them to look what Lajjo did.

Precap: Lajjo is putting clothes in her room when she sees the dupatta Ayesha is suppose to wear in the evening that got stains of her saree color and wonders what to do.

Update Credit to: Shruti

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