Gustakh Dil 26th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 26th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lajjo giving the radio interview. The RJ asks her to mention any quality that a star should have. Lajjo says its important to be a good human being first. Sagar and Anjali smiles. The RJ says who is Trishna, everyone wants to know you. She says friend, I will listen to you and say what you want to hear, as people are connected by hearts. The RJ praises her and asks Ratri now. He asks where did she start from. Ratri says I was born rich, but my dream was to be a dancer, and a star, so I learnt classical dance, I m working hard to be a star. Lajjo says I did not dream to be a star. I wanted to educated, go ahead, be a good human being. She says I came Delhi to educate, I had to oay rent so I thought to do a job, I went to teach Sagar’s daughter, don’t know what he saw in me, and I agreed to get trained as he is my Guru, who is like Lord.

He asks their priorities. Ratri says Career. Lajjo says love. RJ says is love important than career. Lajjo says yes, career is for few days but love is forever. RJ says great. Sagar claps. RJ asks the listeners to say whom does they like. Lajjo gets more calls. Ratri gets next. They talk to their fans. Ratri is annoyed as everyone wants to talk to Lajjo. Lajjo smiles and talks to them very well. RJ says great show today, I take many star’s interview, but I saw a star who is really from ground, really great, congrats and all the best.

Anjali hugs Lajjo and says you were awesome. Kabir and Ratri bow down. Sagar forwards his hand to Lajjo to shake hand. She holds his hand. Sagar says well done Trishna. Lajjo says thank you. Kabir says its my mistake to trust you Ratri, I should have known your IQ level, I loved your funny answers. Gunjan talks to Ayesha and asks why did she say to marriage, when she does not even meet Karanveer, how can she marry him. Ayesha justifies and says what happened when she has known Sid so well.

Gunjan says who is this guy. Ayesha says who, no one. Gunjan asks about tea stall guy. Ayesha says he is animal, I m not related to him, he does not deserve me. Ayesha cries. Gunjan says I was teasing you, but you took it well, but today why are you angry, what happened. She says tell me, I m your sister. Ayesha hugs her crying and says I m ok. Gunjan says everything will be fine.

Nikhil is at a pub and sees Ratri there. Ratri is happy seeing him. Nikhil ignores her. Ratri goes to him and says I wanted to apologize to you, please sit, I need to talk. She again tries to influence her. Nikhil waits or his cheque. Ratri says I know you are hurt, I don’t know who took the pics in private party, who is behind it, I got angry and upset, I scolded the newspaper editor. Nikhil says its ok, maybe its not your mistake. She says yes, but he said he will publish apology today. He says but it’s a loss to me, I have been branded as a flirt, this apology does not matter.

She holds his hand and says everyone ask me whether I have an affair with you, I m available for all guys now, they see me as a flirt, I m a simple girl, trust me. He says I m sorry, I did not you are disturbed with this, anyways, its over now, we can’t do anything now. She uses her charm and asks can’t we become friends again, please. Nikhil says I m sorry, I m hurry up, I have to leave for Dubai in morning. He leaves. Ratri makes a sad face. She says I will cry too if I had to get him. She laughs and says I will always meet you as a simple girl.

Barkha waits for Ratri’s call and is restless to find what happened in radio interview. Inder comes and says I heard you fixed Ayesha’s marriage. She says yes. He says whats the hurry, she wants to do job and be independent. She says Ayesha is ready, mum said this match is good, he is your friend’s son, well settled in Boston, there is no problem. Inder says give her a chance to meet him. She says but Ayesha has no problem. She gets Sagar’s call. He tells her that she was wrong about Trishna, her judgement was wrong, Trishna gave a good interview. Barkha is shocked.

Barkha says I m happy for you Sagar, that you trsut her a lot but you know one interview can’t change my opinion, I m extremely sorry as I can’t support Trishna. Its morning, Sagar teaches Lajjo to drive a car and asks her to focus. Nikhil is on the way. They hear radio. Nikhil hears about Trishna’s interview. Lajjo says its my voice, my interview. She says but it looks a bit different. Sagar says yes, it changes a bit. Nikhil stops his car thinking its like Lajjo’s voice.

Lajjo bumps into Nikhil’s car by mistake and Nikhil in is it, completely shaken. Nikhil comes out and she is shocked seeing him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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