Gustakh Dil 25th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 25th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lajjo saying Nikhil can’t leave me and go like this. She cries and asks where did he go. She asks him to come back soon. Ayesha comes to her and cries. She apologizes to her blaming herself for all this. Lajjo asks what mistake did you do, why are you apologizing. Ayesha says I know I did not do anything, but Adhiraj’s dad did this. Lajjo asks her not to be angry with Adhiraj. But you should as he is Ranawat’s son. Lajjo says don’t punish Adhiraj, he did not know all this, his dad is the criminal, how can we blame Adhiraj. Ayesha says how can you say this, I can’t love Adhiraj whose family has ruined my family’s happiness, I don’t have any place for Adhiraj in my life.

Lajjo says its not Adhiraj’s mistake, he was not aware of this, he is right in his place, he did true love with you, ask me what is true love, don’t reject his love, please. Ayesha hugs her and cries. Barkha and Inder talk about Nikhil and Ayesha. He says I wish Nikhil told us about his problem, we could have helped him. They cry. Barkha gets the detective’s call. She thinks she does not have time for this and ends the call. Samrat goes to be with Rishi. Inder cries and pacifies Barkha.

Lajjo hugs Nikhil’s pic and sleeps. She dreams that he has come to her. She gets happy seeing him and runs to hug him. She says I knew you will come back. She sees his wounds and cries. She says she can;’t believe this and holds him. She says I knew you won’t leave me, I can’t live without you. He says I also can’t live without my Lajjo, stop crying, are you not happy seeing me, see my timing. He shows its 12am and says its perfect, did you forget. He says he did all arrangements and makes her sit. He shows the pastry cake and she sings happy birthday to you dear Nikhil ji. He cuts it and they smile. He makes her eat the cake. She says promise me, you won’t go leaving me. He promises her.

Lajjo holds his face. Nikhil says he will never go far. She smiles. She then turns and see Nikhil gone. Kisi aur ko chaha…………….. plays………… She shouts Nikhil ji and cries seeing the cake and Nikhil gone. She falls down. Mann baawra…………..plays…………….. Nikhil’s friends come to meet Lajjo and ask why did she not tell them about their problem, maybe we could have helped them. Cobra says we are useless, we could have saved him if we knew this. Lajjo says nothing happened to him, he will be coming home. They look at each other. Lajjo says I know you are thinking he is dead, no, its not like that, my heart says he will be back.

Barkha cries seeing Nikhil’s birthday cake. She says it was his birthday today. Inder holds her. She says you know Nikhil will never come back now.Barkha says but ordered this cake. Lajjo comes to them. Barkha looks at her and gets angry. Lajjo says I did all this, I ordered it. She says why is it here, I will keep it in fridge to keep it fresh till Nikhil comes. Barkha says have you gone mad. She says your husband is dead. Lajjo looks on.

Inder stops Barkha and asks her not to tell anything to Lajjo, as she is living with Nikhil’s memories. Ayesha and Gunjan think about Nikhil and cry. They talk about him. Gunjan asks about Adhiraj, I know its not right time to ask. Ayesha says I will go and see Lajjo. She leaves. Lajjo’s dad comes to meet Nikhil’s parents. Barkha blames Lajjo for Nikhil’s death. She asks him to take Lajjo with him, as she is not needed here. She leaves. Inder apologizes to him and says Barkha is in shock, she is rude to everyone. Lajjo’s dad comes to meet her. She is glad seeing him and hugs him.

She asks him about her family. He tells about Nikhil’s death. She does not accept this. He cries. She says Nikhil did not go anywhere. DK comes to them and says it’s a bad news, he got a dead body and someone from family has to come and identify it. They cry hearing this. Barkha says who will go to check. Lajjo comes and hears all this. She is shaken up and says she will go and check. Her dad asks her not to go.Lajjo says I m not so weak that I can’t see. She says she will go. Baawra……………..plays…………..

Lajjo, Samrat and Inder come to see the dead body and are worried. Lajjo thinks about Nikhil’s words. Inder asks Lajjo to come. They go to the dead body and they see the face as the dead body is shown. Lajjo breaks down. Inder and Samrat are shocked. Lajjo cries.

Lajjo and Inder come home. Barkha asks what happened. Everyone look at Lajjo.

Update Credit to: Amena

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