Gustakh Dil 25th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 25th November 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 25th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Inder talking to Barkha. He says Samrat is fine, just relax. Barkha says how dare she do this, without asking anyone she gave medicines to him, if anything happened to him then what. Inder says whats wrong with you, why are you thinking, think about what happened, Lajjo gave him the right medicines. She saved Samrat. Barkha argues with him and says what if the medicines were wrong, she is not a doctor. Barkha gets angry. Inder says we all did the same, Lajjo was right about Sid, if Lajjo did not slap Sid, Ayesha’s and Sid’s marriage would have not stopped and Ayesha’s life would be hell. We should be thankful to Lajjo.

Barkha says I can’t accept her as my family, never. Lajjo is in her room starting her morning. She comes to Samrat and takes care of him. He thanks her for saving his life. Lajjo says I have to give you medicines. Lajjo thanks him for trusting him and taking the medicines which she gave him. Samrat smiles and says I know you so I trusted you, you can’t hurt me ever, you can’t hurt anyone even if you don’t know them. Samrat says I know something about you which no one knows. Lajjo asks what is it. Samrat says everyone thinks Nikhil did a big mistake by marrying you, Lajjo gets sad. Samrat says everyone feel Nikhil and you don’t have any match and even you might feel this, but this is not true. He says Nikhil would have not got anyone better than you, you are beautiful, intelligent, brave, and you have many qualities.

He praises Lajjo. Nikhil hears all this. Samrat says you return love for hatred, you give respect to people, this house is unlucky as they don’t value you. He says you are perfect. Lajjo offers him tea. Samrat thanks her. Lajjo says don’t thank me. Samrat laughs and says a big thanks. Lajjo says welcome and smiles. Rishi comes to Gunjan and asks her how is dad. Gunjan scolds Rishi and says you are responsible for it, he was upset because of you, he has grown us up, not mum. Gunjan says I won’t forgive you ever. Lajjo comes there and tries to stop Gunjan. Rishi says everyone thinks the same, that I m the reason for dad’s heart attack, but its not true, I did not hurt him. Lajjo says its not your mistake, I think you should go to your dad. Rishi says I can’t face him. Lajjo says don’t worry, he is your dad, he won’t blame you, he will feel bad if you don’t meet him.

Lajjo explains him not to hurt his dad. She says your dad loves and cares about you, go and meet him, sit with him for some time, ask him about his health, he will feel good. Rishi agrees and Lajjo smiles. Nikhil comes to his room and thinks about Samrat’s words. Nikhil thinks why did Samrat tell like this, I lied to everyone but did not tell them that she is not worthy. He talks to himself. He says I don’t love her. Nani praises Lajjo for saving Samrat’s life. Barkha says don’t take her side. Nani says I m not, I m making you aware that don’t think she is weak. Barkha says Inder always defends Lajjo. Ayesha comes and supports Lajjo. Nani says we can’t get rid of her. Ayesha says discuss something else, not her.

Nani says what happened to Ayesha. Barkha says she is acting strange after Sid’s news came. Ayesha leaves. Nikhil comes to meet Lajjo in her room. Lajjo asks Nikhil how is Samrat now. He says he is fine. She wishes Samrat gets well soon. Nikhil promises Lajjo that he will give her whatever she asks for. She says anything, sure. Nikhil says yes, sure. He says I can’t reach moon and stars…. She says what will I do with moon and stars, give ,me what I ask for. He says what. Lajjo says I love you, she says I don’t know when I fell in love with you. He says I cleared everything before She says I want you to forget Ishaana and become my husband. Nikhil is shocked.

Lajjo says I want you as my husband always in every birth. She hugs Nikhil and asks tell me can you give me this. Nikhil is stunned. Lajjo says can you be with me, tell me. Nikhil thinks about it.

Nikhil praises Lajjo infront of Ishaana and she feel bad. Kunal says no one praises someone like this infront of his girlfriend.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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