Gustakh Dil 25th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 25th December 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 25th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lajjo playing in the garden. Rishi comes to her and says you are here, I looked for you in the whole house. She is playing Kancha and tells Rishi what she used to do in her village. He says it means you were very naughty and asks he what was your biggest naughty act. She tells him the incident when she drove the scooter and fell and how the scooter got damaged and how the groom’s dad called off the marriage because of the scooter. She says then I married Nikhil. Rishi says I m happy that you married him.

Lajjo says Nikhil is not happy, how can he be happy as he loves……. She stops and says there is not match in between us, it did not happen right. Rishi says leave it, I have a news for you, my mum is coming next week and I will spend more time with her.

Lajjo says Samrat won’t stop you, don’t worry, comeplay kancha with me. Rishi says I don’t know this. Lajjo teaches him how to play.

Samrat sees Rishi and Lajjo playing and smiles. Samrat talks to Barkha inside the house and tells her that Lajjo and Rishi are playing marbles outside the house. Barkha is not happy hearing this. She says we are losing our pride because of Lajjo. Samrat says Lajjo is a magician, she can do anything. Barkha says everyone have got blind and gets angry and leaves. Gunjan comes and says this not fair, you always praise Lajjo, not me. Samrat says I know you very well, you like Lajjo a lot, you can’t be jealous of Lajjjo, I want my daughter to be like her. He says I want my daughter’s fate not to be like Lajjo. Gunjan looks on. Samrat gets serious.

Nikhil meets Ishaana in his room. She decides his clothes for the Christmas party. Lajjo comes to Nikhil and gives him the letter which she wrote for her parents and asks him to post it. Nikhil agrees. Ishaana talks to Lajjo and says I want you to come in my party. Nikhil says Ishaana is throwing a party in our house. Lajjo says tell me how many people are coming, I will arrange the food. Ishaana says don’t worry about the food, we will order it, you have to come as the special guest, will you come. Ishaana thinks you should come, as I m doing all this for you.

Lajjo thinks about it. Ishaana smiles. Ishaana asks what are you thinking, are you coming., Lajjo says if Nikhil says I will come. Nikhil says yes, you have to come as Ishaana told. Lajjo agrees and says what should I wear, I don’t have western clothes. Ishaana says wear a red saree as the party theme is red and white. Lajjo says fine I have many red sarees. Ishaana says come and enjoy the party, I m sure you will be happy. Nikhil says Ishaana’s parties are different. Lajjo says I will come and leaves from Nikhil’s room seeing Ishaana close to Nikhil.

Ishaana is doing the arrangements of the party. Nikhil flirts with her. She says let me work. Lajjo sees this and looks at them. Lajjo says shall I help you. Ishaana does not listen to her. The servants laugh on Lajjo. Ishaana and Nikhil plan the food and thinks what to order and decide the items. Lajjo does not even know the names. Nikhil says Lajjo won’t like this food, as she loves spicy food. Ishaana says fine, we will order spicy food for her. Lajjo says I will make it myself.

Nikhil says you can’t make Italian food. Lajjo says I will make that which I made for Ayesha. Nikhil says fine, make it. Ishaana says don’t worry, we will manage everything. Ishaana asks Nikhil to hurry up as they are getting late. He leaves with her. Ishaana is getting ready and asks Barkha and Ayesha about her hair. Lajjo comes there. Ishaana asks why are you not ready. Lajjo says I won’t take much time to get ready and asks Ishaana how did her hair become like this. Ishaana says shall I make your hair straight.

Lajjo says I m fine. Ishaana says you need a hair cut. Lajjo says no, I can’t cut my hair ad tells her about her village rules. Barkha says I will get ready and leaves. Ishaana thinks of something and smiles. Lajjo asks Ayesha whats this. Ayesha says eyelash curler. Lajjo says sounds good. Ishaana shows the cosmetics to Lajjo and says you take all these ad get ready. Lajjo takes it happily. Ishaana says use anything from these. Ishaana talks to her friend and says Lajjo can learn how to use them and it will boost her confidence.

Everyone are shocked to see Lajjo and laugh. Nikhil looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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