Gustakh Dil 24th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 24th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lajjo crying hugging Nikhil’s belongings. She thinks of his words and his love. Koi gila tumse nahi……………….plays……….. Sagar consoles her and says lets go Lajjo, we won’t get anything being here, come with me. She says no. He takes her. Adhiraj comes to meet Shalini and kisses her hand, seeing her fine. She says she used to talk to his pic, she is seeing him after many months. Adhiraj cries. Shalini talks to him. She asks him not to go leaving her now. He agrees. She says everything is over now. He asks her to be in hospital till she gets fine. She says yes, I will be fine as you are back.

Jasmine talks to Harry and says I will never forgive mum, Lajjo the cook, was a spy, mum helped her, she did not warn dad, he got arrested and is in jail because of her. He asks why did he plan to kill Nikhil, how can he do this, don’t you know I love him. She says no one can touch him, she saved her. Harry says over now? He says so you love Nikhil, great, you want to kill Lajjo. Jasmine says yes. Harry says you don’t know anything. Jasmine says I know everything. Harry says do you know Nikhil is a spy, he was CBI spy, your dad was finding him, and Lajjo/Trishna/cook, Nikhil is her husband, they are husband and wife, who were playing spy spy in our house. Jasmine is shocked. Harry says I caught them, I told everyone but they did not hear me. He says I caught Lajjo red handed, when I saw her fir first time, I knew it was fishy, I told Ranawat and Shalini, they got saved by us.

He says Lajjo did this to save Nikhil from CBI. He leaves. Jasmine thinks about Nikhil’s words and cries. She gets angry, he made fun of me. Lajjo’s parents have a talk. Saraswati says I will go and meet Lajjo. Her husband tells her about Nikhil’s accident. She is shocked. He says its not known where is he, he is missing. She says what, how can he be missing, when did you know. He says how to tell you, I don’t know where is he since many days. She cries. He asks her not to go to Lajjo, I will go. She says no, Lajjo needs me. He says yes, who will take care of children here, what will we tell them. I will go tomorrow and find out the problem. She cries thinking about Lajjo’s state.

Barkha is upset. Inder talks to her and says we both lost our son, everyone has lost Nikhil, please understand. He says Lajjo has lost her husband, think about her. Whats her age to see all this, how long did she stay with Nikhil, can’t you see her pain, she is broken, its time to take care of her, we are her parents at this moment, why are you doing this, its time to heal our wounds. Barkha gets angry and says Nikhil is away from us because of Lajjo, he will never come back now. Inder tries explaining her. Nani says this is destiny, we can’t blame anyone.

Lajjo comes home with DK. Barkha asks where is Nikhil, as you said you will get him back. DK says I m sorry, we got his shirt cloth and his watch from there, nothing else. Barkha looks at it and cries. Ayesha talks to Lajjo and asks her to eat. Lajjo says she won’t eat. Jasmine comes to Lajjo and Ayesha goes to get the tea. She stops as Jasmine calls out Lajjo. Ayesha does not recognize her. Lajjo is shocked seeing her.

Ayesha asks who is she. Lajjo says Jasmine, Ranawat’s daughter. Ayesha is shocked. Jasmine says I got to know all the truth, you came in my house as cook to spy on my dad. She says how dare you get proof against my dad. Jasmine scolds Lajjo and says my dad is arrested because of you, I will not leave you so easily. She pushes Ayesha on the sofa and gets the knife from the dining table. Ayesha and Lajjo are shocked. Ayesha stops Jasmine and asks is she mad, stop it. Jasmine says she killed my Nikhil, I will not forgive her. Ayesha pushes her and says how dare you come in our house and blaming our bahu.

Ayesha scolds her and tries taking the knife. Jasmine says if you tell anything against my dad, I will kill you too. Jasmine gets violent. Adhiraj comes there and says you will not even touch Lajjo. Ayesha, Jasmine and Lajjo look at him. Ravi is upset knowing about Nikhil and talks to Nani. Nani says I can’t see Lajjo’s state. He says I m not concerned about her, I m worried for Barkha. He asks her to be with Barkha. She says I m not strong, so I came here, I did not cry there seeing them.

Adhiraj asks what is she doing. Jasmine says leave my hand Adi. He says keep the knife down. She says no way, why did you come here, did mum send you, are following me. He says fine, kill me. She drops the knife. He says don’t forget this house has lost a son, an innocent man is dead because of us. Lajjo and Ayesha are shocked. He says if you insult anyone here, I will not bear this, leave form here. Jasmine says no, I will not leave Lajjo. He says leave Jasmine. She says Lajjo has killed Nikhil. He pushes her out of the house.

Adhiraj apologizes to Lajjo. Ayesha asks do you know that girl. Adhiraj says yes Ayesha, she is my sister. He says he is Ranawat’s son. Ayesha and Lajjo are shocked. He says my dad is a smuggler, criminal and a murderer. He says you wanted to link with the, now you know the truth, do you still want to link with them, what do you want to know about my family now. He says he left the house being fed up of his dad’s crimes. He says he is paying for his dad’s crimes. He says I did not wish you to know all this, now you understand from where I got that money.

He says you know my dad is ashamed that I m his son and I m ashamed to have a father like him. Harry comes to talk to Shalini. She asks him to leave. Harry says he came to give breaking news. He says Jasmine hates you and loves me. He says Ranawat trusts me now, not you. He says he will come out and see you first. He says Nikhil is dead. She says you are lying, CBI saved him. He says no, he is dead, Lajjo got punished. She thinks how did this happen, Lajjo lost her husband, forgive me, I did not think this will go to this extent, I was just helping you.

Ayesha cries and says I don’t care. She says you are Ranawat’s son, I don’t care about you now. She gets angry and asks him to leave. He says I know my dad is murderer, but I did not know Nikhil is trapped in his clutches, if I knew, I would have risked my life and saved Nikhil, did you tell me about Nikhil, did you trust me. She says did you trust me to share all this about your family and about money, you have hidden it always, why, tell me. Lajjo asks them to stop it and says Nikhil is fine, nothing happened to him. She leaves saying the same thing. Baawra……………..plays……………….

Ayesha blames Adhiraj for this and holds her collar saying your dad has killed my brother, he ruined our happiness. She says she does not want to see his face now and asks him to just leave. Adhiraj leaves. Samrat and Inder talk to Barkha. She is depressed. Barkha says Ayesha wants to marry the guy, who is smuggler’s son. Inder says Ranawat is the one who has killed Nikhil, its good Ayesha is saved from Adhiraj now. Barkha says my children think I m their enemy, when I knew he is rich, I was glad, I did not know about his family, he did not tell me about his father. Samrat says yes, he has hidden it from us. Inder says the truth won’t change now.

Lajjo thinks about Nikhil and cries. Jaan re……….Roshni chand re…………… plays……………She says she is sure Nikhil is alive and will come back. Their happy moments are shown in FB. She asks him to come back home and cries.

Inder asks DK did he know about Nikhil. DK says we got a dead body and someone can to come to recognize him. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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