Gustakh Dil 24th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 24th December 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 24th December 2013 Written Update

Ishana reached Nikhil’s house and wished his mother. Nikhil’s mother complemented her pendent. Then ishana heard Laajo’s foot steps when she had a plan in her mind. She purposely took back steps so that the tea falls from Laajo’s hands and spills over her dress in order to make sure Laajo gets a good scolding from her mother-in-law.
Nikhil’s mom wished her daughter luck for her interview with Ad agency. Laajo became sad thinking of her own career.
Nikhil arrived late from his Gym and saw laajo cleaning up the tea mess.
Ishana came down wearing one of Nikhil’s shirt seeing which Nikhil asked why was she wearing Nikhil’s shirt when she could have selected from his sister’s or cousin’s wardrobe. Ishana’s whole intension

was to make Laajo jealous. She then leaned on Nikhil’s arms and all laajo could do was to look at the couple cozying up.
Ishana reached home and saw her mother packing her stuffs. When asked she said they would be going to Shimla for a holiday. Ishana became upset and said she cannot go with her so suddenly unplanned. Ishana questioned her mom whether all these was to keep her away from Nikhil? Ishana said there is no point forcing her to stay away from Nikhil because she was happy with Nikhil. Her mother was dead against Ishana seeing Nikhil and Ishana accused her mother for being very insensitive towards her unlike Nikhil’s parents.
Ishana’s mother tried to make her understand but ishana dismissed her request announcing the cancellation of their trip.
Nikhil’s family members were enjoy Laajo’s parathas. They complemented her about the food. Nikhil’s father and his uncle kept on thinking of the times when they were young and they started comparing her parathas with their mother’s. Laajo said she learnt to make parathas from Nikhil’s buaji (aunt). Nikhil’s father fell silent hearing about his own sister. He hazitated to ask her about his sister when finally he asked about her health.
Nikhil came and join them at the dining table. When Nikhil was about to take paratha when Laajo offered him hot paratha stopping him from taking the colder one. Nikhil saw burnt marks in her hands and was upset noting that she did not do anything to her bruises and kept it open without Appling antiseptic. Nikhil left the dining table urging laajo to come with him to get the wounds treated first. Laajo was overwhelmed by Nikhil’s concern.
Nikhil’s mother was stunned to see everyone retired for his or her work so soon. Their maid served her paratha and taking one bite she relished the taste of it.
Nikhil was fussing over Laajo’s wounds and wanted to apply antiseptic cream when Laajo took the cream from his hand and said she will do it herself. He took it back and started applying it. He warned her that it will burn a little. She winced a little but then Nikhil blew on the effected area to ease her pain. She couldnot stop her tears from falling and immediately stopped nikhil’s hands. Both of them realized their positions but Nikhil resumed his application and orderend laajo not to work till her wounds gets cured and ordered her to apply the medicine 3 times in a day.
Shreya fussed over their boring life. She also complained about Ishana becoming bore. Ishana declared that she will through a party. And everyone got excited. She also said that the Party will be at Nikhil’s house and she will decorate herself. Her friends became wary and everyone discouraged her plan. Everyone pointed out that Laajo will also be there. But ishana shrugged them off saying she will invite laajo in the party shocking them all.
Nikhil came and joined them and ishana told him the entire plan and her friends started doubting her intensions. She announced that Nikhil has approved for the party then Ishana spoke to Nikhil’s mother.
Nikhil’s mother told her mother that Ishana wanted to invite Laajo in the party. They gossiped about the party and was happy that finally Ishana was after Laajo. They both were happy with the plan and hoped that it worked against Laajo.

Precap : Ishana invites Laajo and promised herself that I would be the most embarrassing party ever for Laajo

Update Credit to: appy_indy

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