Gustakh Dil 24th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 24th April 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 24th April 2014 Written Update

the episode starts with Laajo and Nikhil in a intense hug, looking so much in love. He asked her where was she going, trying to find him? she smiled and he asked her to spend some time with him now as she had done enough praying for the day. She looked at him and saw her sindoor on his forehead, she laughed and wiped it off

Barkha is walking towards the village and she slips and her hand landed in cow dung.She cursed Laajo and said she wont forgive her ever.Barkha kept walking towards village blabbering to herself and asking god to help her
In Delhi Chachu is discussing barkha’s nature with gunja and rishi,he is really worried about her relationship with Nikhil which is in serious jeopardy at this point

On gunja’s insistence he tries to call bua to forewarn them about

Barkha’s imminent arrival. But both bua and baba are in hurry to go to festival so they ignore the phone.Chachu is really worried that if there will be ever any happiness sin lives of Nikhil and Laajo .
Laajo is back where puja is happening and tries to dance with women, while Nikhil is playfully around her(cute scene) Suddenly we see barkha there bare feet holding her sandals in one hand looking really perplexed
village children dance around her while barkha tries to go towards where puja was happening. Nikhil is dancing with laajo while Laajo’s parents ,bua and Baba are all enjoying when suddenly barkha holds Nikhil’s hand and tells him to come with her. He says mom and everyone is stunned with this sudden interruption. Laajo looked troubled and lowered her eyes

Anuradha intervenes and asked Barkha to come to house, rest and then talk but barkha rudely cut her off saying she is not here to rest. While Nikhil is still stunned to speak. Suddenly baba sternly speaks out saying bahu(daughter in law) Whatever you want to say has to be said at home only. You go to house, rest, change your clothes and then talk.Nikhil looks at Laajo’s devastated face and reassures her, he told her that whatever happens, whatever his mom says ,he is always with her.Laajo just closed her eyes and tears fell off(heartbreaking scene ,poor Laajo suddenly all her happiness got shattered in one instance. Barkha ruined her day .

Ayehsa went to Adi’s house,he opened the door and left it open without saying a word. She came in and tried to talk, while he pointed to a chair rudely. She went on to say sorry to him and told him that sid was her ex fianc .He said he guessed as such but did not want to know why they broke up. But Ayesha insisted that she wanted to tell him and went on to say he broke her heart and was a cheat and a liar. She said she never meant to insult Adi but wanted to insult sid only, she wanted to show him that she was happy without she just said it in flow and did not really mean it .She said she would prove it to him and do anything he asked her to do.He asked her where did sid go regularly. She gave name o f nigh club and adi said we would both go to that night club together. He asked her if she could do this much, she said yes. He said well then see you tomorrow as I am very busy.

At Nikhil’s grandparents house Barkha is changed and all agitated. while baba and Anu look on. She is angry that Nikhil is not home yet. Nikhil comes with Laajo and try to take her blessings, she moved away angrily and anu asked her to give blessings. But she ignored it. she asked Nikhil that how he dared to come here without informing anyone, how could he be merry and dance around in village while they were all upset. She told him that this girl will never come to her house. She told him to pack his bags and come with her alone. Nikhil looks at Laajo who looks devastated .
At Laajo’s house her bua came and saraswati looks worried.
Bua said how she found out about all news. Saraswati is feeling that happiness cannot stay in this house. She is worried what would happen to Laajo if Nikhil left Laajo here. But saraswati is worried, she said she knew that his mom looks stubborn. But Laajo’s bua reassured her.
Nikhil said he wont go without laajo,so she should accept her.

She told him that he was not capable of making any decisions, he insisted rudely that he will not accept her decision. Barkha tried insulting Laajo but Nikhil told her to stop as she was his wife. She went on to say that she doesn’t think she has even one child. She went on to say that she expects Nikhil to listen to them Nikhil yelled back and said since she had never loved him as a son so how can she expect him to listen to her.He said he lived like a stranger in his own house. She told him since he was dependent on them, he would behave exactly as she expects him to do. He said well then I would solve your problem right now. I would become independent, I would live in a hut, rented house but wont take a penny from them. She went on to insult him further by saying he would never see his family again. He said well mom I expected this from you but my family is always welcome to my house. Barkha went on to say so this girl gave you this much courage, what do you know about jobs, what qualifications do you have. While Nikhil looked on

Precap Laajo came to her house and hugs her mom crying, while saraswati is worried.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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