Gustakh Dil 23rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 23rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikhil and Lajjo passing by. Nikhil moves ahead and Lajjo sees him. She is shocked and hides quickly. Nikhil walks ahead. Lajjo’s parents looks for Lajjo. Nikhil sees them and is surprised. He smiles and goes to greet them. They are glad seeing Nikhil and bless him. Nikhil asks how come you are here in Delhi, whom are you finding. They lie to her and says we came here for govt work, we are going back and Lajjo said we get good things here so we came for shopping. Nikhil asks about Lajjo. Lajjo cries hearing them. Her dad says Lajjo is looking after her sisters, she is in village. Nikhil says fine, but I would have attended you, come with me, I will help you.

Her dad says no, we have to go back now. Nikhil says you are like my parents, I feel like I met Lajjo meeting you. He touches their feet. Mann Baawra…………….plays…………… Nikhil gives them the bangles he bought for Lajjo, he says what a coincidence I bought this and met you here. He says this is from my own salary, tell this to her. He leaves. Meri khushi tumse judi………….plays…………… Lajjo looks at Nikhil going at other shops. Lajjo’s mum gives Lajjo the bangles and she hugs it crying. Mann baawra……………plays………….

They leave from the mall. Ayesha comes to meet Adhiraj. She says scarf….. He says there. They have a talk like before. He asks her to be bold and ready to fight as always. She asks do you care. He says yes. She gets annoyed and leaves. She comes back and sits in anger. He says don’t ruin my house, I can’t afford it, relax, why did you come back. He jokes. She says I forgot the scarf, its better for me I don;’t come here again. He says don’t be angry. They argue.

Nani and Chaya have a talk about saas and bahu fights and the serials. Nani calls Barkha such a mum in law. Barkha says I like your sense of humor. Nnai says sit with me, I have news for you. She tells about a Ashwin and Naina and their son Karanveer, who is a greencard holder and is interested in Ayesha. Barkha hugs Nani. Ayesha comes home. Nani stops her and Barkha tells her about a marriage proposal. Ayesha is shocked.

Lajjo brings her parents to a a clothes shop. Her mum says it’s a big shop, costly one lets go. Lajjo says try it. Ayesha asks does the guy want to marry soon. Nani says yes, he has to go back. Ayesha says ok. Nani says did you agree, but you have not seen him. Barkha says its not needed to hurry, first meet him, if you like, you can marry him. Ayesha says it’s a yes from me. Barkha and Nani are shocked. Ayesha leaves. Nani says whats wrong with her, she is strange, do you think she is really ready for marriage. Barkha says I don’t know, everyone behaves strange in this house, including you mum.

The salesman does not show sarees to Lajjo’s mum seeing a villager. She feels bad. Lajjo scolds the salesman. The man says its 4500s. Lajjo says show her even if its of Rs 10000. Lajjo gets a call from Sonbarsa number and goes to talk. She says its Dhani’s call and tells her that she is shopping with her mum and will buy something for her too. She asks her mum to talk and she will come. Lajjo says go out if you don‘t get network. Her mum walks with the saree and the beep plays. She gets tensed.

Everyone at the shop insult her. Lajjo slaps the salesman for calling her mum a thief. She says how dare you call my mum a thief. The manager comes. Lajjo scolds him too and talks in english. Her parents are shocked seeing Lajjo defend them so well. Lajjo says he could not explained them well, does villagers does not have any respect, they feel we don’t have money, shall I show the money. The manager apologizes to them and asks them to buy what they want. Lajjo’s parents feel proud of her.

Nethra mixes Bhaang in Prasad and thinks now you won’t be able to go for interview. Lajjo eats the Prasad. Sagar asks Trishna to stand up and she falls holding her head. Sagar is shocked.

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