Gustakh Dil 23rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 23rd December 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 23rd December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ishaana’s mum Aditi asking Nani and Barkha that why are they after her daughter Ishaana. Barkha says it’s a misunderstanding. Aditi says you both are encouraging Ishaana to break Nikhil’s married life. Nani says relax, sit here. Aditi says I have only one daughter, I don’t have anyone else in my life. Barkha says we don’t think bad about Ishaana. Aditi argues with them and says I have seen Ishaana when Nikhil got married, she got broken, she tried to commit suicide.

Nani says even we got broken, we were also hurt by Nikhil’s marriage. Aditi says I don’t want Ishaana to break anyone’s marriage and have an extra marital affair. Nani says can we make Ishaana come out of Nikhil’s heart. Aditi says yes, it will happen with time, but you both

are not letting it happen. Barkha says try to understand us, Lajjo is only his wife for the name sake. Aditi says you can’t use my daughter to ruin someone else’s daughter. She says will Ishaana be happy ruining someone’s life, stop using my daughter for your benefits.

Barkha says you might have tried hard to stop Ishaana from meeting Nikhil, but what happened, you could not stop her, so don’t blame us, the fact is Nikhil and Ishaana love each other. She says we don’t force them to meet, they meet by their wish. Aditi says yes, its true, but you could have stopped Ishaana from coming to your house. If Ayesha was in Ishaana’s place, would you do this, no you won’t. Barkha and Nani get speechless by her question. Aditi bumps into Lajjo while leaving.

Lajjo greets her. Aditi looks at her top to toe looking at her clothes and leaves. Lajjo thinks why she was in anger and who was she. Its morning, Inder comes to Ayesha and asks do you have time. He says actually you have lots of time and laughs. He says I need to talk something important. Ayesha says I m telling you that I won’t marry now, please give me some time. Inder says I came here to talk about work, not marriage. He says you wanted to do advertising course, right? Ayesha says yes, but you did not allow me. Inder says here is the admission form, I spoke to them, now you can start your course.

Ayesha gets happy and hugs him. Ayesha asks him to tell Barkha not to look for any proposal as she wants to focus on her career. They have a laugh calling Barkha a cat. Inder and Ayesha have a light talk. He asks her to use public transport for three days and use care for two days, Ayesha agrees. Lajjo cries thinking about her mum who asked her not to study further. Lajjo’s mum is also missing Lajjo and is happy that Nikhil married Lajjo and is supporting her. Kajri’s mum is in their house crying telling them about Kajri’s husband who married another woman and Kajri committing suicide.

Lajjo’s sister tells them that they did not do this right stopping Lajjo’s education. Lajjo’s dad says yes, we were wrong, she should have studied. She would become independent at the hour of need, I think if Kajri was educated, she would have not seen this day. Lajjo’s parents are happy that Lajjo is happy. Her mum says Lajjo does not need to study now, she got a good family, what will she do studying. Her dad says he will educate his other daughters.

Nani comes home and is with Meera. Meera asks is there knee pain again. Nani says no, I m worried about the issue at Barkha’s house. Meera asks what happened. Nani says about Aditi and the argument. She says she came to insult us for using Ishaana. Nani says Ishaana is not a kid to listen to us, she can take her decisions on her own, my head is aching listening to her. Meera says what did she say wrong. Nani looks on. Meera says you know it very well that you and Barkha are using Ishaana to solve Nikhil’s life and no mum will permit her daughter to have an affair with a married man.

Nani gets angry and asks her to bring coffee for her. Meera smells the oil which Lajjo’s brought and asks is it the oil’s smell which made your pain go. Nani denies. Meera goes to have coffee. Lajjo comes to Nikhil and sees him coughing. She says take this, I made the kada for you, you will get rid of cold. Nikhil says I don’t need your kada, thanks. Lajjo sees him removing his nails at night and says my mum says its bad sign to remove nails on Wednesday. Nikhil says its 21st century and you are so superstitious.

Nikhil jokes and explains her will you not bath if a bird does potty on your head. Lajjo says I will ask my mum about this. She asks him not to remove his nails. Nikhil says Ishaana is a hygiene figure, is she sees me with nails, she will take me for pedicure. Lajjo spells it and asks what is it. Nikhil explains her. Lajjo says I heard women go in parlours, does men also go. Nikhil says yes, its 21st century. Lajjo stops him ticking him. Nikhil gives her the nail cutter and asks her to remind him to remove his right foot’s nails else Ishaana won’t spare him.

Lajjo feels how much Nikhil thinks about Ishaana’s likes and dislikes and how much he cares for her. She says I have come in between them. She gets upset and blames the fate.

Nikhil sees Lajjo’s hand partly burnt and cares for her. He applies ointment on her hand and it makes her cry. He looks at her while she holds his hand.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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