Gustakh Dil 22nd November 2013 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 22nd November 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 22nd November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chaya trying to call Nikhil. Rishi says call the doctor. Shaila says I have called the doctor, he will be here in 20 mins. Lajjo asks Rishi to bring this medicines. Rishi says how do you know. Lajjo says I will tell you later, go and bring it. Rishi leaves. She asks Chaya to call Barkha. Ishaana talks to her mum and says why did you sleep. She says I m awake to you when you come back home. Ishaana says sorry for coming late. Her mum scolds her and asks where did you go. Ishaana says I went with Shreya on shopping. Her mum says tell me the truth. Ishaana says I was with Shreya. Her mum says oh really, I don’t think so, I did not see.

I saw your friends outside the mall, only you and Nikhil were not there, were you with Nikhil, you are lying to me. Ishaana looks on. Rishi brings the medicines. Shaila says don’t give him anything, you don’t even know the names, stay away from him. Lajjo says I m not illiterate, its important to give him the medicines. Rishi says Lajjo is confident. Lajjo gives the medicines to Samrat. Shaila says if anything happens to you then no one will spare you. Lajjo says nothing will happen to him. She says I will bear the responsibility.

Ishaana tells her mum I was not with Nikhil. Her mum says you are lying to me. Ishaana lies to her and says where did you see me. Her mum says I did not see you. Ishaana says did you talk to anyone of them. Ishaana diverts her by lying to her. Everyone come home and Shaila tells them about Samrat’s heart attack and Lajjo giving him medicines. Barkha gets angry and says you should have stopped Lajjo from giving him the medicines.

Inder comes and Gunjan and Rishi are with Samrat. Inder says relax, don’t panic. Inder is shocked to know that Lajjo have him some medicines. The doctor comes and asks everyone to go out. Barkha and everyone scold Lajjo for giving medicines to Samrat. Barkha says he would have died, if anything happens to him, I won’t leave you. Nikhil comes and asks them what happened. He is shocked to know everything. Lajvo is upset. Ishaana comes to her mum and is sad as she had to lie to her. She feels she is cheating her mum. Barkha tells the doctor that she was not at home and Lajjo gave him medicines.

Samrat tells Nikhil what Lajjo did was right, he is fine now as Lajjo has given me medicines. The doctor asks which medicines, he says I want to ask her what medicines she gave. Nikhil calls Lajjo. Barkha says she is a village girl. Lajjo comes and the doctor scolds her at first and asks what medicine did you give him. Lajjo shows him the medicines. The doctor is shocked and says I can’t believe this. Everyone look at him. She has given him the right medicines. Nikhil smiles happily. The doctor asks how do you know about his. Lajjo says I used to work as a nurse in village. I know how to make medicines.

The doctor says you saved his life today and tells everyone you should be thankful to this girl. Everyone are happy and smile. The doctor gives him medicines and leaves. Gunjan thanks Lajjo for saving her dad’s life, Lajjo says thank the Lord, not me. Nikhil comes and asks Gunjan not to cry as Chacha ji is fine now. He asks her to smile. He asks Gunjan to go to her dad. He thanks Lajjo and says great, I would have not done this like you did. He says I forgot you used to cure many people in your village. He says why are you crying, you saved his life.

Antara talks about her dad and Raghu gets disturbed. Maai says its good. She taunts Antara. Satya says look at everyone, they like the sweets, he asks Raghu and smiles. Nikhil asks Lajjo not to cry. He asks Lajjo why are you crying. Lajjo says I was very much afraid. She says I m missing my dad. Nikhil holds her hand and says I understand, trust me even I was afraid. Lajjo looks at his hand. He says look at this and puts her hand on his heart. Music plays….. Lajjo looks at him. He says do you know what you did for me and my family. Samrat Chacha ji is my friend, guide and philosopher. He is my life saver. He thanks Lajjo.

He holds Lajjo’s face and talks to her. Lajjo says this is my family and I did this for my family. He says you are a very nice girl, stop crying and sleep now. He leaves saying good night. Lajjo touches her cheek and thinks of him. The song Meri khushi tumse judi…. Plays….

Nikhil tells Lajjo to tell him what she wants. He promises her that he will give whatever she asks for. Lajjo says forget Ishaana and become my husband. Nikhil is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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