Gustakh Dil 22nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 22nd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranawat asking Lajjo did she place the bug in his study room. Lajjo denies and says she is in kitchen. Shalini says we have a new gardener too. The manager says yes he joined two days before. Lajjo says maybe he kept it. She thinks about Miss Roy informing Lajjo that Ranawat got the bug and now what she has to do. Miss Roy has sent the man there to save her. Lajjo says I will do as you say, this time no mistake. Ayesha comes at the tea stall. The tea vendor says Adhiraj is busy in court case and is not coming often. She thinks about Adhiraj and is sad. He gives her tea and she takes it. Adhiraj comes there and sees her having tea alone. He says Ayesha you. She asks him to sit somewhere else, but don’t fight, I m not here for you.

He asks how are you. She asks him, how do I look. I feel lonely at home. I come out to take a breath in free air. He says I can understand how it feels to stay in such rich homes. He holds her hand and she looks at him. Lajjo tells the servant that how can they doubt on her, she won’t do the job here. Harry comes to her. She gets tensed. He walks to her in style and whistling. She hides her face. He says he would have supported her if he was there. She says I m not afraid of anyone, you don’t worry. Harry flirts.

The other maid comes and asks Lajjo to be careful from him. Lajjo says I made hot tea fall on his hand. The maid says you are very clever. Harry leaves. Lajjo gets Nikhil’s message asking is everything fine, he heard there is some problem. She messages she is fine. Khanna comes to meet Ranawat and says about new cook, she is right as the bug device is kept by the gardener. Ranawat asks who will he come inside the house. Khanna says I m sure as the gardener has run away from the job, and his name is also wrong. Ranawat asks why did he not have police verification before hiring him. Khanna says I did, but his papers were fake.

Ranawat says he does not trust Lajjo, keep an eye on her. Khanna thinks about Nikhil’s words and talks to Ranawat. Harry sees Lajjo going and stops Lajjo. She says she came to clean the house. He asks why will you clean the home, as you are a cook. He says he saw her somewhere. She says there are many people in world who look alike. She leaves. Harry thinks where he saw her. Lajjo comes home. Nikhil says I did not know this, else I would have not told you. Lajjo says about Ms Roy’s plan. Nikhil says you are taking such a big risk for me. He says I m worried for that gardener. He says e is from CBI and won’t be caught, but you are not, please take care, I stay worried for you.

He says I get bad thoughts that you may get caught. Sagar calls Lajjo and Nikhil takes the call. Nikhil says you guys are busy. Sagar says I have seen you busy too. Nikhil says as I was late in Lajjo’s final perfomance, sorry, talk to Lajjo now. Lajjo talks to Sagar and Mili takes the phone. Lajjo talks to Mili and says she misses her a lot but can’t meet her everyday. Nikhil hears this and thinks she is saying Sagar. Lajjo sees him and teases him. She makes him jealous. Nikhil asks how can you talk like this to Sagar. She says yes, talk to him. He hears Mili and smiles. Nikhil says I will send Lajjo soon to meet you. Lajjo asks was he jealous. He says no way.

She pulls his leg and he catches her saying he was jealous, as he does not want anyone else to take place in her heart, she should love only Nikhil. They laugh. Barkha and Inder have an argument about Ayesha. She talks about her marriage and Inder does not agree as marriage is not a solution, she needs us. She says Ayesha is herself responsible for this. He says forget the past, I m worried for Nikhil and Ayesha. I m worried that Ayesha is not talking to us. Barkha thinks. Lajjo as Trishna goes in a party and Ranawat too comes there. The people talk to Lajjo and takes her autographs. She is shocked seeing Ranawat there. She hides from him, but he bumps into her. Her purse falls and he says I m really sorry. He looks at her and she gets tensed.

Nikhil tells Gunjan about Sagar’s daughter Mili. Barkha says Lajjo taught her and took care of her like her mum. Nikhil looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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