Gustakh Dil 22nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 22nd August 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 22nd August 2013 Written Update

The episode of today starts with Nikhil carrying Lajjo in his arms walking towards Lajjo place amidst the villagers who are shocked seeing them together. Her mom(Saraswati) asks Lajjo what is all this? Nikhil tries to answer but Lajjo mom signals him to keep quiet. The villagers follow them to Lajjo place.

Lajjo tries to stand with her swollen leg, while her mom tells her to answer. A lady among the villagers says, Lajjo will not be able to answer as she returned home as shamelessly in the arms of Nikhil and she has spent the night with him, yesterday she sent away the groom and his family and she found a new groom the very same night. Lajjo bua tries to explain to the villgers not to taunt Lajjo that much but in vain they don’t want to pay heed. Nikhil also tries to explain but Saraswati

tells her off not to talk. Lajjo bua tells her to go inside but Saraswati stops her saying she can enter the home only after her death as she has maligned the family. Lajjo tries to explain to her mom and dad but in vain. They close the door on her face. Nikhil tells the villagers they only talk without knowing the truth, at least they know Lajjo she’s one among them. The villagers and Nikhil get into a tiff. anuradha reaches in time and stops Nikhil.The villagers continue to blame Nikhil and Lajjo when the latter Written by Anju. tells Nikhil to say what happened and he says how Lajjo got trap in the river…
Anuradha says she knows both Nikhil and Lajjo they will never do something wrong. One of the villager says may be Nikhil is lying. Anuradha asks Nikhil to come home with her but the villagers want to put the matter in the hand of the panchyat.(village council)

Anuradha takes Nikhil home… Dadaji makes Rambachan opens the door and takes Lajjo inside.The villagers continue to blame Lajjo . After somewhile dadaji comes out and assures them that a solution will certainly be found.
The friends of Nikhil are worried for Nikhil that he did not return home last night, at the same time they see Anuradha and Nikhil entering. They ask Nikhil why is he worried what is the problem? One of his friend comes from jogging and tells the others what he heard from the villagers,about Nikhil and Lajjo. Banjho says the people overhere are of small mentality.. one of them suggests that they may runaway… Nikhil seems not to agree.
At lajjo place she’s sitting in a room with her bua when Lakhi tells them that Saraswati is not opening the door they both run to see her. they knock at the door but Saraswati is reluctant to open after hearing Lajjo calling her. Saraswati threatens to kill herself if Lajjo continues to stay at the door. Lajjo tells Saraswati, she can stops the villagers arguing but her parents are not believing her.Dhani and Lakhi are crying and Dhani tells Saraswati to open the door for their sake at least and finally Saraswati opens the door.

Lajjo tries to explain but Saraswati asks her to go. Lajjo feels bad. Saraswati says if Dhani and Lakhi were not her responsibities she would have suicide. Lajjo says how can she go if Saraswati does not want to hear and believe her. Her bua also asks Lajjo to leave.
Anuradha asks the guys to leave but Nikhil does not want to budge since his dadaji has not arrived yet. Anuradha tries to make him understand that he should leave. Nikhil says he’ll be taken as the culprit when nothing wrong happened between him and Lajjo.
Nikhil says he only saved Lajjo life and nothing more he does not care of the result.He’s not afraid to face the what will happen. Dadaji comes home and Nikhil tries to explain. Dadaji tells him he wants to have a private talk with him. Anuradha says Nikhil must leave but dadaji wants to talk with Nikhil and everyone leave. Dadaji tells him he must marry Lajjo leaving Nikhil shocked.

Nikhil takes adaji blessings and leaves with the others.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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