Gustakh Dil 21st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 21st April 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 21st April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lajjo asking Nikhil to leave her. He says how, you said you will be with me, why did you lie to her, when we both love each other, why to hide. She says this is not the right time to tell her. He says we have to tell her some day, why not today. She says she is adamant and won’t agree so easily. He says let me try once. She says fine, do what you want, I m going to clinic. Lajjo comes to Doctor Kaka and talks to Bansi. Bansi tells her that Putti is waiting for him. Lajjo scolds him. Bansi says I will be back. Doctor Kaka is also leaving and gives work to Lajjo. Lajjo is alone in the clinic and Nikhil comes there. She says what are you doing here, if anyone sees us. Nikhil says no one is here, who will see us.

Nikhil says Bansi went to meet Putti. Nikhil says I will also meet Putti. She asks why do you need to meet her, I need to talk to you private. He asks what. She gets angry and says don’t you trust me. He says cool down. She says you are so tall that we can ask temperature. He says then ask. She asks what is the temperature there. Kisi se koi shikayat………………plays……………Nikhil holds her hand and they get closer. They have an eye lock. Gustakh dil…………………plays……………….

Barkha is worried at home and says I will go to Sonbarsa and bring Nikhil back. She says I will taunt Baba and Anu too for keeping Nikhil there. Nani and Inder look on. Barkha faints dropping her purse. Inder and Nani are shocked. They care for her. Nani says her BP has risen, I was afraid of this. Bansi comes to meet Putti. He apologizes to her. Lajjo and Nikhil gets locked inside the clinic. Lajjo shouts for help.

Nikhil makes it a romantic event and says it’s a moment and chance for romance. Lajjo says my mum thinks I m with Putti, she does not know I m with you and I….. He asks what. She says I won’t say. He says I love to hear it again and again. They have an eyelock. Jabse tere sapno ne mere nainon ko chua hai………….plays……………… Nikhil opens her hair and asks her to be quiet. Mann bawra………………plays……………He is about to kiss her and someone knocks the door. Nikhil is shocked and moves back.

Its Bansi and Putti who disturb them. Bansi says I forgot that I have locked you inside. They see Nikhil and smile. Lajjo says why did you close the lights and lock, you should have seen inside, we have knocked the door a lot. Nikhil says yes. Nikhil smiles. Putti asks Bansi to go else her mum will see them. Bansi leaves and Putti’s mum catches Putti. She tells her someone is coming to see her. Putti says don’t do this, I don’t want to marry. Her mum says you are spoiling because of Lajjo. She scolds Putti and takes her home.

Lajjo comes home. Nikhil talks to her via window. Lajjo asks what are you doing here. Nikhil says I came to meet you. Lajjo asks him to leave else her mum will beat her. Lajjo’s sister laughs. Lajjo tries to hide from her mum and make her busy so that she does not see Nikhil. Lajjo sends her and talks to Nikhil. He asks her to come out for two mins. She says she will beat me with a sweeping stick. Lajjo’s mum sees Nikhil but he does not see her. He speaks against her and Lajjo tries to make him quiet seeing her mum. Nikhil then sees her and says sorry.

She scolds Nikhil and Lajjo comes in between. She says he came to take me back and we love each other. Lajjo’s mum scolds them. She says we will talk to your grandpa then we will tell you, now you go home. The doctor comes to check Barkha and asks her to take bed rest. Nani asks Barkha that Nikhil will not change his decision, so no need to go Sonbarsa. Lajjo’s parents talk to Baba. She says Lajjo and Nikhil love each other.
Lajjo’s dad says we are worried about Lajjo. We are poor, Barkha won’t be ready to accept Lajjo. Baba says we have to trust Nikhil. Last time what happened will not happen again as Nikhil is taking the responsibility of Lajjo now. He says Nikhil have changed completely and loves Lajjo. Putti comes to meet Lajjo and says Nikhil left from Sonbarsa. Lajjo is shocked. Putti says I have seen him leaving. Lajjo says what did mum say that he left, are you joking. Putti says no, I saw him so I came to tell you, is everything fine. Lajjo runs to see.

Lajjo meets her parents and scolds her mum that Nikhil left as she scared him. She says I love him and now he left, what should I do now. Her parents smile. Lajjo starts crying. Her mum scolds her. Lajjo says he went from my life, I will not come home now. Her mum says come home, I will tell you what to do. She says I will beat you, you are married, what will people think if you shout like this. Lajjo asks her dad why is he laughing on her. She asks him what did Baba say. He says your mum is ready now. Lajjo smiles.

He says now you can go with Nikhil. Her mum says Nikhil is waiting, lets go home. Lajjo is made ready as a bride. Mann bawra…………….plays…………….Nikhil sees her and is happy. Baba cries seeing her in bridal dress. Lajjo does Grah Pravesh in Baba’s house. Lajjo does it. Nikhil and Lajjo greet Baba and he blesses them. Nikhil makes Lajjo wear the bangles and necklace which Baba has kept for them. Lajjo is taken to the room.

Nikhil comes in the room and does not find her. He finds her sleeping on the ground. He teases her. Lajjo is nervous and says I will sleep on the ground and you sleep on the bed. Nikhil says but we have to talk so much. He starts pulling her leg and reminds her of hindi films. She names few and says she has seen many. He says enough, relax, sit. He gets romantic. Kismat se tum humko mile ho………….kaise chodenge…………. Ye haath ab na chodenge……………….plays………….. He gets closer to her and she stays away. He hugs her. He lifts her and takes her to the bed. He removes her jewellery and they get more closer. They kiss. They sleep together.

Nikhil and Lajjo are on a cycle. Nikhil is looking back to her and driving. She asks him to look ahead.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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