Gustakh Dil 20th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 20th September 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 20th September 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Nikhil leaving Lajjo at home and he gives her a gifts. Lajjo is surprise and wants to open it. He tells her to open it after while in her room. He says bye and leaves.
Nikhil groups are practicing some music for a coming up event, they are all worried as the singer of the group is missing and also their guitarist is sitting all tense. cobra and the others all agree that they need both Ishana as the singer of their group and Nikhil as their lead guitarist. cobra says if Ishana is not here what are they going to do… this is not only end of Ishana and Nikhil relationship but of their friendship also. Nikhil begins to leave, saying fine he’ll not be back. Cobra holds him saying he does not mean that… they only want to see him together

with Ishana. Shreya says she’ll try to placate Ishana for a last time.

Ishana mom tells her to get up as she has not even taken her breakfast since this morning. She tells her she can understand but closing herself in the room is not the solution she needs to move on as she’s her strong girl. Ishana says for whom will she going to do all this. Nikhil is the love of the life all the men in her life tend to leave her firstly her dad and now Nikhil.
Her mom says that she can’t say that her life begins and ends on Nikhil. Ishana says it is like that she loves Nikhil.
Whatever he did she should be angry with him but she’s not.she still loves him she missed him. but she can’t forget him certainly not. Her mom is worried.

Gunja calls Nikhil in Lajjo room while Lajjo is talking with the God frame which Nikhil gifts her. She firstly says sorry, after so many days she’s praying. Now it is possible as Nikhil gifted her this picture. Nikhil and Gunja are at the door listening to her. Nikhil clean his throat and Lajjo notices them. Nikhil says it is fine but who’ll be praying to the cinema hall outside… Lajjo says it is fine that he’s making fun of her.
Lajjo walks on the frame which was hang before. Gunja and Nikhil stop her. Gunja says good that Barkha did not see it Nikhil says she would have a heart attack. They both lift it and put it on the couch.

She asks whether the God frame is better Nikhil says yes written by Anju it is far better. Lajjo says of course better than the picture with the hair of a witch. Both Nikhil and Lajjo laugh.She says she was not able to understand the picture looking at it from both directions.
Sheila arrives and asks what are they doing? Why they removed the picture it is made according to the interior decoration of the room. Nikhil asks Sheila not to say a word to Barkha about it. Sheila takes it away and Nikhil says slowly as if something happens Barkha will be upset with her.
Lajjo asks now what happened why is Shela upset … Nikhil says let it be. Gunja says that Lajjo is Priceless. Gunja says no one among can muster the courage to bring back Barkha but Lajjo is really courageous. Lajjo says this is the very first time she failed in her goal.

Lajjo asks Nikhil why his mother is stubborn? Nikhil says he does not know.
Barkha is angry and her mom tells her that nowadays looking at her she only thinks of the game known as angry birds. This really irks Barkha more and her mom says why is she so angry on Lajjo who’s not present ..only one thing will happen Barkha will have wrinkles in a few days.
Meera tells Barkha Ayesha is on the phone and wants to discuss about her sangeet plan… Barkha says she’s not in the mood to talk. NN tells her it is not good to avoid her family because of Lajjo.

NN tells Barkha to think well how come Lajjo reached their place, she does not even know their address. Meera says Nikhil took her. NN says that Barkha is losing Nikhil as one thing is true that she’s the wife of Nikhil and she’s manipulating him. she made him come to their place…
Meera says this is the task of a good DIL. NN asks Meera when will she begin to side with her own family. NN asks her to stay out of this matter.
On the dining table everyone is present and Lajjo comes to help Gunja who’s alone serving everyone. firstly gunja tells lajjo to sit but Lajjo is adamant to help her to serve and Gunja agrees… Lajjo leavs for the kitchen.

Ayesha joins them at the table and tells that Sid parents are coming to meet them. She sees Lajjo coming with the food and asks what is she doing here. Gunja asks her why is talking in English? Ayesha says because she intends to talk with some few people only. She wants the person who’s illiterate to know her place where she stands in their family. Ayesha asks Gunja to explain To Lajjo not to step out of her room when Sid and his parents will come. Lajjo tells Ayesha not to worry at all when Sid and her parents will come she will not leave her room. This leave everyone present in a shocking state that Ayesha lets fall of her sandwhich. Lajjo picks it for her and gives a science example before throwing it. Samrat is spellbound with this great example of Lajjo which he never thought before. Rishi asks lajjo is she does understand English she says she does understand but can’t talk. They all here, talk English fluently..
In Sonbarsa no one practice the language, she does written by Anju understand ut tdue to lack of practice she can’t talk. She also likes science. Once again Samrat is fascinated and says wow that’s really good. Ayesha expression is priceless on hearing Samrat praising Lajjo.

lajjo tells them that she heard that dadadji Samrat and Indur all frequented the same school in Sonbarsa.
Rishi says it is very interesting Lajjo says that she studied till the 12th class. Rishi joins them and begins to eat. He receives a message and says he’s leaving. Lajjo corrects him saying he must say he’ll be back.

Nikhil goes to meet Ishana, who was waiting for Shreya. On seeing Nikhil she begins to leave but Nikhil stops her. He makes her understands that he loves her. He did not gain anything by marrying Lajjo. Ishana tells, he proves himself as the hero. Nikhil tells her that their relationship means a lots for him. Ishana also says he loves him.

Lajjo is all alone eating her dinner. Nikhil asks Sheila why is she eating only dholl soup not to tell him that only dholl has been prepared for dinner. Sheila says whatever was prepared is kept in the refrigerator if Lajjo needed something she could have taken it.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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