Gustakh Dil 20th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 20th January 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 20th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts of with Nikhil taking Laajo some place quiet and then shouting at her, he asks her if she realized what happened that they could have got into a lot of trouble. Laajo tries to explain that how that manager first asked her to wear short clothes and then when she refused he held her hand. Nikhil gets irritated by hearing all this and says that the manager held her hand to stop her, he reminds her of the talks he had with her earlier on how not to create any embarrassing situations. Nikhil also tells her to pack her bags as they are leaving as he cant stay here even for a minute.

In the city Barkha and Nani try to explain Ishaana that she should say yes to the marriage as this will make Nikhil realize what he is losing and will think of ways to get rid of Laajo. They

also tell her that Nikhil takes her for granted so this news will shake him up and he will stop with the ‘lets see’ attitude. They leave giving Ishaana some time to think.

In the resort they all making the final arrangements to leave when Trisha asks a very frank question to Nikhil. She asks him why he married Laajo when they all know that she is not fit for him and his family. She also tells him that she cant see any love between the two. Veer changes the topic when they see Laajo there also.

Ishaana goes to Laajo’s room and places some flowers on the table, she opens up her cupboard and sees Laajo’s wedding dress. Ishaana starts crying and thinks of the first time she was introduced to Laajo. Ishaana then opens laajo’s book and finds Nikhil’s photo and she remembers her mother’s words. Ishaana slowly goes and opens Laajo’s sindoor box and cries she accidently drops the sindoor on the floor by getting startled on hearing Chayya’s voice from outside.

Barkha welcomes Nikhil and Laajo, Laajo excuses herself and goes away. Barkha asks about the trip, Nikhil tells her that she must be happy as she sent him to be insulted and embarrassed. Barkha gives him a reality check and says that he cant blame her and he only brought Laajo her no one forced him. She keeps on asking him what he thought when he married her. She asks him if he thought saving Laajo was a way to repent with what happened to Aakash.

Nikhil is hurt at this statement and asks his mom that the real reason she is like that is because she is sad that he didn’t die instead of Aakash. Laajo goes to her room and sees the sindoor on the floor and tries to collect it but she fails and cries. Gunjan comes and asks what happened at the trip and why is Nikhil so angry. laajo doesn’t tell her anything but asks her about Aakash. The episode ends with Laajo asking about how Aakash died.

Precap – Ishaana and Kunal are at a restaurant, he is telling her that it is her choice if she wants to forget Nikhil or not.Ishaana is puzzled and asks him despite all this why he wants to get married. Kunal replies that he trust his love and truly believes that one day she will love him also.

Update Credit to: Desigirl_21

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