Gustakh Dil 1st September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 1st September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shalini seeing the bangle in Lajjo;’s hand. Lajjo asks how is it, my husband gave me. Shalini thinks its not mine and its fake. Lajjo says my husband said its real. I know uts fake one, but his love is real. Shalini says its very good. I was just seeing it, bring coffee. Lajjo asls can I gpo home early today. Shalini asks why. Lajjo says my husband wants to take me to show movie. Shalini says you speak so much, nonstop, go when you want, give me cup of coffee please. Lajjo is relieved. She thinks about Savita’s words that she was framing her. She thinks how she has removed her real bangle and wore an artificial one. She thanks Lord that she is saved, and should be careful now. She thinks its good I heard Savita and changed my bangle on right time.

Ayesha comes to meet Adhiraj and says congrats. He holds her hand and says thank you Ayesha for everything. She says its good you got freed by court case, so now you can move on. He says yes I can move on finally. He says all this is because of you. She says don’t give me thankyou speech. She says she is going abroad for further studies and maybe she won’t come back ever. He is stunned. He says one sec and says all the best, congrats. He says your decision is very nice. She is shocked. She leaves annoyed.

They stand at either side of the doors and cry. He says he misses her a lot and he loves her a lot. He says some poetry and she cries hearing him. Nikhil comes to meet Ranawat. He checks the pen and gets real diamonds. He says I like it, you will go much ahead, now its time to take this diamonds to my safe now. Nikhil thinks of Miss Roy’s words to get the safe and follows Ranawat. Ranawat goes to the study. Nikhil looks inside and says where did he go, he just went inside. He thinks he have to find it. Ranawat comes outside. Harry tells Ranawat that Nikhil came here after you, why do you trust him so much, he joined few days ago and you don’t trust me.

Ranawat asks what did you do to trust you, lazy and hungry man, you don’t know what Nikhil has, a mind and passion, trust and honest. Harry asks am I a thief, what do you know about him. Ranawat says I know people more than you, I know diamonds, he is a diamond for me. I regret you are my brother. Harry says even I have seen the world, I caught that cook and no one trusted me. I will catch this guy red handed too. Ayesha comes home upset and Gunjan sees her crying. She asks what happened to you. She says whats the problem now, you have saved Adhiraj.

Ayesha says you know I told stupid Adhiraj I m going abroad and he did not stop me, and said its my good decision. Nikhil comes and says yes, its good decision. Ayesha hugs him crying. He says be strong, don’t cry. He says listen to me, if Adhiraj does not respect your love, he is unlucky. I feel Adhiiraj loves you as you love her. Ayesha says really. Nikhil says five him some time, maybe he has some problems. Ayesha smiles. Barkha asks Nikhil did he talk to Inder. Nikhil asks about what. Barkha says its useless to ask you, you are just in your own world. Nikhil asks is Lajjo at home. Barkha says no, she might have went to Sagar for her new show event. She cares for Sagar and Mili more.

Nikhil defends Lajjo. Barkha thinks a husband can’t bear his wife respects someone else more. Nikhil goes to meet Lajjo. Lajjo comes to meet Sagar and says sorry. I was with Anjali. Sagar says Anjali told me you did not meet her. Sagar says you missed three rehearsals last week and scolds Lajjo to decide whether she wants to be housewife or professional. Nikhil hears this and asks Sagar not to scold Lajjo, as she is his wife and he does not have any right on her. Sagar says sorry. Lajjo asks Nikhil not to interfere in her work.

Nikhil says but he is talking badly with you. Lajjo says this is my workplace, I can’t be unprofessional. She says we will talk at home. Nikhil gets annoyed. He says I came to take you. She says her rehearsals are important and he can’t miss it. She asks him to go from here. Nikhil feels humiliated infront of Sagar and says thanks. He leaves angrily. Lajjo looks on.

Ranawat’s daughter Jasmine talks to Nikhil and Lajjo comes in between.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Gustakh dil was a perfect story and I loved it now its all gone haywire the serial should have ended with barkha accepting her. Now all this smugglers jealousy etc etc is crap .I stopped watching it long ago just read yesterdays episode what utter nonsense

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