Gustakh Dil 1st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 1st January 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 1st January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Barkha talking to Lajjo. Barkha says I heard you saying. It means you have finally realized that Nikhil does not need you. She says Nikhil’s feelings won’t change, he loves Ishaana, they are together since childhood, they know and understand each other, Nikhil can’t love you, never. Barkha says why are you bearing all this, why this pain, humiliation, why are you staying with such a husband who loves someone else, not you, I don’t understand this. Barkha says you will be only hurt staying here, and Nikhil will be hurt seeing you in between him and Ishaana.

Barkha says it would be good for everyone if you go back to your village. Lajjo says I can’t go back, don’t ask me to go back. Barkha says why not, why can’t you go, whats the problem. Barkha

says why are you after Nikhil, whats the reason. She gets hyper on Lajjo. She says is it because of this big house, luxury, is this tying you here. Lajjo says you think what you want, but I m helpless, I can’t go back. She says I will do what you say, I will stay as you say, but I beg you don’t ask me to go from here. Barkha laughs and says you are saying as if I say, you will go, as if you are staying here by my permission, its very funny.

Barkha says your marriage was not done by my permission and leaves. Lajjo cries. Ishaana’s gang is discussing about Nikhil and Ishaana. Kunal supports Ishaana. They discuss that Nikhil loves Ishaana but can’t marry her I think Aditi is right, this relation does not have any future. Ishaana says shut up, do you think I like lying to my mum, I don’t have any other option, I love Nikhil. She says my mum is everything to me, she is my only one, but I need my friends too, are you with me. Kunal says yes, we are with you.

Ishaana says thanks. She thinks of making Lajjo go out of Nikhil’s life. Rishi has lunch with his mum. She asks him about his exams. He says its over. She says I forgot that your exams finished. Rishi says its ok. She says I m very busy. Rishi sees her very busy and says call me when you get free, I don’t want to waste your precious time. He leaves. She looks on. Ishaana meets Nikhil at night. He says you here, at this time, why are you angry, why are you ignoring me. He jokes to make her mood good.

He tells her what Lajjo said about the hanky gift. Ishaana scolds him for not coming for the movie as she has been waiting outside the mall for two hours. Nikhil says you told you won’t come. Ishaana says I told we will go if my other plan cancels. Nikhil says you did not confirm. She says I did, I was there and people were staring and passing comments. He says I did not get any call from you. She says I called Lajjo and gave her message. Nikhil is shocked.

She says Lajjo told she will inform you. She fools him and says I did not know she won’t tell you. She says its my mistake, I should not come in between you and Lajjo, its my fault, forget it. She leaves in anger. Nikhil comes to Lajjo and scolds her for not informing her about Ishaana. Lajjo says I did not get Ishaana’s call. Nikhil says don’t lie and does not believe her. Lajjo says why would I lie, I did not talk to Ishaana. He says you mean Ishaana is lying, what will she get by lying. Lajjo says I m not saying that. Nikhil asks Lajjo to say sorry. He gets angry and Lajjo says listen to me. He leaves. Lajjo is hurt and cries. She says he knows Ishaana, but me too, that I don’t lie.

Barkha talks to Shaila and asks did Lajjo receive any call at landline. Shaila says no, Ishaana did not talk to Lajjo. Barkha says it means Ishaana lied to Nikhil. She is finally realizing that everything is fair in love and war. Barkha says for them to be together, its important to create misunderstandings between Nikhil and Lajjo.

Shaila taunts and scolds Lajjo. Lajjo says lies are not hidden and truth is not required to hide, the truth will come out soon.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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