Gustakh Dil 19th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 19th November 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 19th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Nikhil gifting a phone to Lajjo. Lajjo is very happy to see it. Music plays…. She smiles with Nikhil and says its great, is it for me. He jokes and says its for Chaya. She says why. He shows her how to operate the phone. She says I know, I will show you. Nikhil teaches her to call. Lajjo says go far, I will call you. She calls Nikhil and talks to him. She is happy to get his voice. Nikhil says the voice is coming as we are in one room. He takes her photo and asks her to smile as it’s a camera phone. He says call me by seeing my photo. She says I know your name’s spelling. He says tell me. She says N I K. He says ok now call me. She calls him again and talks to him.

She shouts hello, I m Lajjo. He says don’t shout, say calmly. She says it very slowly. He says very slow. She says where did you go. He comes to her and says talk with confidence, it’s a new pone for you. She calls him again and asks how are you. He says I got a heart attack. He says I m infront of you and you are asking how am I. She says don’t say anything bad. He says then talk something good. She says I like the gift a lot. Thanks. He says great, correct pronunciation, I m impressed. He says welcome, now I will go as I have work. He leaves. Lajjo is happy and calls him again. He says now what. He says call me if you have any important work.

Nikhil goes back to take his jeep’s keys. He asks her for the keys. She says I called you to tell this. He says you could have called me. She says I don’t call from behind as its not good. He says I m going now bye. She dances with the phone. Jab se tere sapno me…. Song plays…. Ravi talks to his wife Meera and is upset for not understanding Sid. He says I would have messed up Ayesha’s life by trusting Sid. He thinks about Lajjo’s words about Sid. He says thanks to that girl, she was right and I was wrong. Lajjo is angry seeing Sholay on tv. Chaya stops her and says have this and have fun. She talks to Chaya about Nikhil.

Nikhil meets Ishaana at a restaurant and says sorry for not taking her call yesterday. She says what sorry, everytime mistake, sorry means nothing to you, where were you yesterday that you did not take my call. He says some family problem, I was with Ayesha. She says I was worried about you, where were you. He says sorry and promises he won’t do it again.

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Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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