Gustakh Dil 18th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 18th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lajjo serving food to Adhiraj at the family dinner. Gunjan asks Adhiraj to think and eat, as Ayesha made it. Ayesha says what do you mean, I don’t cook well. Lajjo says no, you cook well. They tease Ayesha and Adhiraj laughs. Inder says enough, and asks Adhiraj about the food. Adhiraj says its very good. Meera and Gunjan ask them about their love story. Adhiraj says take a wild guess. Inder and everyone guess. They tell about Ayesha’s anger and joke on her. Adhiraj tells them how they became friend and then love. Nani says she likes the love story, but first you did not want to marry her, how this changeover. Adhiraj says Ayesha gets what she wants.

Ayesha says no, Lajjo convinced him to agree to marry me. Sagar comes and praises Lajjp. Everyone is surprised seeing him. Barkha hugs him and welcomes him on the dinner. He says I messaged you, I was passing by so I came to meet you, I will come later. Barkha says no, and introduces Adhiraj. Ranawat talks to his staff about Nikhil. He says I think its something fishy. Ranawat says did he get into any problem, find him. Shalini asks Ranawat to take care of Jasmine, she is mad in love. He laughs and says no problem. She says please, she has hurt her foot for Nikhil. He is shocked. She says she is not stable again. He gets worried. She says we should stop her, not encourage her. She says Nikhil is married, and you say you will break his marriage, how is this possible.

She asks him not to listen to Jasmine, will Nikhil agree to her. She says we have explain her, else trust me, you will regret. Everyone have a good time with Adhiraj. Ayesha tells about Lajjo and Nikhil’s love story. Sagar looks on. Nikhil comes and joins them. Nikhil greets Sagar and Adhiraj. Gunjan and everyone tease Nikhil and Lajjo reminding him about Sonbarsa. Barkha notices Sagar’s expressions. Inder says he is very happy. Sagar says he would like tea, as he stopped drinking. Barkha says how did you manage this. Sagar says all this because of Lajjo, she challenged me to stop drinking and I succeeded. Nikhil gets jealous.

Sagar says Lajjo is determined and she became a star. Nani says people leave drinking for love and family, but Lajjo is stranger for you. Barkha says Lajjo is very special for him, Lajjo also respects him a lot. Sagar says Lajjo’s entry in my life was a turning point, the truth is I helped her in becoming a star, the whole truth is she made me a better man and I really owe to her. Lajjo smiles. Adhiraj and Ayesha go out and start their sweet Nok jhok. They have a laugh. He says your family is too good, how are you coming leaving them, how will you adjust. Ayesha says she wants to be with him, I won’t let you become a Ghar Jamai. He smiles seeing her love. She hugs him.

He says its amazing as you look really happy. He says if I did not fulfill your expectations then. She says then she will beat him. She flirts with him and he looks around. He says this is your house, some distance. They laugh. He says you are mad. Lajjo talks to her mum. Her mum asks don’t you miss us, you don’t even write letter. Lajjo smiles. She says about Ayesha’s marriage fixed. Her mum says she will call, and asks her to come to Sonbarsa as everyone miss her there. Her mum says tell Nikhil we miss him, ad come with him. Lajjo says fine.

Lajjo gets upset and misses her dad. She says she needs their blessings, as its big day tomorrow. Lajjo and Nikhil have a talk. They say they won’t see Ranawat’s face after the case ends. She says yes, I have to go on holiday to my parents. He asks will you go alone. She laughs. She says we will go together. He hugs her. She tells him she got the key. He says don’t risk your life, be careful. He holds her face and says don’t get in any problem. She says yes, your love is with me. She hugs him. Its morning, Ayesha rests in Barkha’s lap and talks about Adhiraj. Barkha says she still wants to meet his family, Adhiraj is a good man, he has self esteem, he is annoyed with his parents and you should ask him about them. Ayesha says I don’t think I should force him, I m marrying him, not his family.

Barkha says you will marry Adhiraj, you will become their bahu, won’t you meet your inlaws, you ned their blessings. Nani comes and hears them talking. Nani talks to them and jokes saying about Inder. She praises Inder and Ayesha laughs. She says you did not take interest in Inder’s family, why are you interested in Adhiraj’s family. Barkha says I find him interesting. Lajjo works in kitchen and thinks no one is at home, its good chance. Harry is keeping an eye on her to catch her red handed. Lajjo goes to find the safe and Harry looks on. Savita stops Harry from coming at home. He scares her with the gun. Lajjo sees him and hides. She hears Harry saying he is keeping an eye on Lajjo, he will lock her and Savita should not open the door. Savita says fine.

Lajjo thinks she has to leave soon and runs. Haarry follows her. Ayesha comes to meet Adhiraj and decides how to change the room, and arrange sections. He asks what are you doing. She tells the colors of the wall and furniture. He jokes and they start arguing. She says this is my house, I have full right here. He says sorry, you have hot tea which can fall on me. She says oh, and keeps it. She asks about his family. He says he will answer her, but she is marrying him, not his family.Harry sees Lajjo and thinks she is going to Ranawat’s room, my doubt was right. He goes after her.

Lajjo tries to fool him. She comes in the storeroom ad looks for something. She sees a cupboard very clean and thinks it has safe maybe. She tries to open it. She finally reaches the safe. Barkha comes to the detective and asks for info. He says he needs time and the work is tough. Barkha says you did not do anything. He says no, your husband is very smart, did he have any doubt or got to know you hired any detective. She says no, Inder can’t think this. He says we will get info very soon. Lajjo gets the safe and opens it. She is shocked to see it. It has the blue diary and she is happy that she is near her destination. She smiles and takes it.

Harry gets locked and asks Savita to open the door fast. She says you here. He goes to find Lajjo. Lajjo thanks the Lord and starts leaving. Harry comes and she is shocked. He laughs and aims the gun at her. She runs from him. Shalini comes home and Savita says Harry came home, he is after Lajjo. Shalini asks what. She says I m scared, I tried to stop him, but he came. Shalini says everyone knows he should not come in this house. Savita says he told me to lock Lajjo in room and he too got locked there. Harry aims gun at Lajjo and asks where will you go now. Shalini comes there and sees Harry. Harry says he will take her to Ranawat, you made me leave this house, see what I do now. Shalini sees Harry holding Lajjo’s hand.

Harry says come, she has the diary in her hand, she has stolen this, you doubted me and kicked me out, see she is the real culprit. He stops Lajjo and says he will shoot her. Shalini also aims the gun.

Ranawat tells Nikhil that his and Lajjo’s game is over. Harry tells Lajjo that Nikhil is with Ranawat, if you do anything, Ranawat will kill Nikhil. She is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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