Gustakh Dil 18th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 18th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nethra telling Barkha that Lajjo is stuck at the hotel. Barkha laughs and says Sagar will be really angry on her now. Barkha says congrats. Nani comes and hears this. She asks whom are you talking to. Barkha lies to her. Nani says I know you, and you don’t know lying. She says I don’t know why I know this is something to do with Lajjo. Barkha gets angry and yells on her. Nani says don’t be upset. Sometimes you win when you accept failure. Barkha says who is Lajjo infront of me, what will she do. Rancho comes to Nikhil’s home to confront about Ratri. Nikhil talks to Rancho and says believe me, mum staged Ratri in the party, there is nothing between me and Ratri.

Rancho says fine, but why did you drink so much. He says believe me, I just had one drink, I swear on Lajjo. He tells her that he was fuzzy when he got up, then her photographers came and Ratri sticked to me, I wish Lajjo should not see this, she will be hurt and I can’t talk to her, as we promised each other we won’t talk. Rancho says no, she trusts you. He says she knows I can’t cheat her, I really love her form the bottom of my heart. Rancho smiles. Lajjo calls Rancho again. Nikhil looks at the phone seeing Rancho lost in thoughts.

Lajjo gets tensed. Nikhil gives the phone to Rancho. Lajjo tells her the problem and asks her to come and meet her. She says I have to go for the interview. Rancho says I will come, don’t worry. Lajjo says come soon, they are thinking I m a thief. The call ends. Lajjo says the manager that Rancho will come. Nikhil asks Rancho what happened. She says her friend needs her and she has to leave. She sees she does not have money and says I need 4700, would you lend me some money, I promise I will return it. He gives her. She thanks him.

He says why are you thanking me, are you fine. He says she is lucky to get my help. Rancho thinks to tell Nikhil about Lajjo but does not. He says go now. She leaves. Ayesha comes to meet Adhiraj. He asks her why did she do this. She says as I know you are innocent. He says do you know what you did, will you come in court, then media will cover it, your family will have to face this. She says you don’t worry about me, tell me how did you get so much money, OMG, is this related with that case. He says I told you many times not to ask. She asks him to tell the truth.

He says you have to trust me else don’t do any favor on me. She says I m not doing a favor. He says then why did you do this. She says you fool, you don’t understand I love you. Adhiraj is shocked. They have a romantic eyelock. Lajjo is worried about Sagar. Rancho comes and hugs her. She calls the manager and scolds him giving him the money. Rancho tells Lajjo that Nikhil has helped her by giving this money. Ayesha calls Adhiraj selfish and says I don’t expect you to love me, you don’t understand when someone worries for you. He holds her hand.

He says do you know whats worry, I asked you to stay there as I worry about you, not to make you witness for that night, relationship is not to use. He says I worry for you because I also love you. Ayesha is shocked. He starts laughing. Ayesha is stunned and asks what. He says the truth is out now, so Ayesha loves me, you took much time to understand this. She says even you took time, but you accepted after I said. He says it takes time to accept mistakes, that I loved you.

He says this love is not for us, it’s a big mistake to love a rich girl, do you think we can unite, no. Ayesha starts crying. Ayesha breaks down. Adhiraj is hurt seeing her cry. He consoles her and wipes her tears. He holds her hand and says you did a lot for me, thanks for everything, but now don’t do anything for me, give come in court for me, forget me. Ayesha is shocked. She says I will do what I want, don’t tell me this. She leaves. Adhiraj thinks I m sorry Ayesha, forgive me, I can’t promise you, it will be good that you hate me. Sagar waits for Lajjo and asks Nethra. He gets angry.

Lajjo comes there. Nethra gets tensed. Nikhil talks to his boss. The boss says you have earned this promotion. He says I have a surprise and gives an incentive to Nikhil. He is surprised and asks why so soon. The man says every deal is a challenge for us, if you get it for us, you get this. Nikhil asks will I have to go Dubai suddenly. He says yes, our manager is not good there, you go there and manage. Nikhil agrees. Nikhil thinks why is this happening so soon. The boss smiles. Lajjo apologizes to Sagar. Sagar scolds her. Sagar says we got this appointment, it was a live interview. Why was your phone off. Lajjo looks at the girls. Sagar waits for a reply.

Barkha backbites about Lajjo to Sagar and says Ratri wants to come back to you.

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