Gustakh Dil 17th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 17th September 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 17th September 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Ishana arriving at the party and everyone starts to dance. Kunal and Ishana are dancing together when Nikhil arrives and Ishana rushes to him and Kunal is unhappy. Ishana is attempting to dance with Nikhil, but he seems disinterested and Kunal drinks jealously in the background. Nikhil is uncomfortable and gets the music turned off to talk to Ishana.

At home, Ayesha is shouting at Lajjo and blaming her for everything and Barkha leaving. Ayesha keeps insulting her, and Gunja and Inder tell her to go to room politely. Lajjo tries to defend herself, but Ayesha just shouts at her more and Lajjo leaves.

At the party, Nikhil is annoyed by his friends’ masti. He pulls Ishana aside to talk to her and Ishana deduces that he hasn’t left Lajjo back. She shouts

at Nikhil and asks him what he wants to explain written for I-F. He tries to apologize and say that he couldn’t be so bad with Lajjo. Ishana does not want to listen because she can’t keep forgiving him for the same mistake and breaks up with him in front of everyone. Kunal and Ranjo also shout at Nikhil for his decision and breaking their friendship, not thinking about Ishana, etc. The friends try to console Ishana, but she leaves and Kunal follows.

Ishana runs into her house crying and her mom tries to ask her what happened. Kunal runs in behind her and tells her mom everything about Nikhil bringing Lajjo back. Kunal wants to talk to Ishana, but her mom sends him away. Mom goes to console Ishana and Ishana asks help to solve everything and how she can’t live without Nikhil, loves him, etc.

Lajjo is packing, while Nikhil is driving through the city randomly in the dark and Ishana is in her room. Tons of flashbacks shown with the GD song in the background. Lajjo is sitting on the doorstep with her trunk when Nikhil arrives. Lajjo tells him she wants to leave the house because no one will be happy till she stays there. Nikhil asks if anyone said anything and her starts crying and can’t look him in the eye. He asks again and she refuses and says she is crying because she is homesick. She tells him she doesn’t find it right that just to make her parents happy, they have made his family, Nikhil and herself so unhappy. She tells Nikhil that Barkha left the house and Nikhil is surprised and asks what happened. Lajjo explains the lunch debacle and blames herself for everything. Nikhil says its not your fault, it is mine. She is angry with me since childhood and hasn’t forgiven me yet. Lajjo is shocked that Barkha has held on to anger from so long ago and asks what happened. N has a flashback of the death and blaming.

N asks L to come back inside and she refuses. He says that running away is not the solution to anything and requests her to come back in. Lajjo follows him. Ayesha is watching all of this from a balcony angrily. Ayesha goes to his room to shout at him for not letting her leave. Nikhil tells her that they shouldn’t have made such a hungama about Lajjo trying to eat breakfast with them. Ayesha says that she hates how her mother is not with her in the time she needs her most (her wedding) and it is all due to Lajjo. Ayesha says that if Sid’s family finds out about this marriage, they will break this relation. Nikhil says that if they care more about who my wife is, then he is not the right guy for you Ayesha gets pissed and asks him if Lajjo is his wife, then why is she in the guest room and not in his bedroom sharing his bed?! Nikhil is pissed!

Precap: Lajjo opens the door to Sid and Sid asks why she opened the door. She said everyone is out at work. Sid says good, I can talk to you then. He goes forward to shake her hand and introduces himself. Lajjo is freaked and backs away. At that moment, Ayesha enters the house.

Update Credit to: Persephone

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