Gustakh Dil 17th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 17th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikhil confronting Sagar about molesting Jasmine in the restaurant. Sagar says what rubbish, I was sitting alone, she came to me and introduced as my fan, she was flirting, I hate such girls and I left from there. Nikhil says she called me there, she as crying and she has nail bites on her hands. Sagar says what, this is ridiculous. Nikhil says everyone know what you do with girls. Sagar says how can you believe Jasmine, and not Lajjo. Nikhil says Lajjo cheated me, she is blind by your stardom, and Jasmine told me the truth, why should I not believe her.

Sagar and Nikhil argue. Sagar says fine, I agreed I m bad man and I murdered my wife, I m a murderer, agreed, but Lajjo, how can you doubt Lajjo who is your love and life, you risked her life for him, you fought with the world and makes everyone realize the power of husband and wife’s relation, how can you question her integrity, think Nikhil before its too late. Sagar leaves. Inder tells Nani that Barkha has not forgiven him. Nani says you made a big mistake, how can she forgive you.

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Samrat says every person does mistakes, how can you hide this for years and expect Barkha to forgive you. Meera says I would have done the same, I can’t forgive my husband if this happened with me. Inder tells them that he realized his mistake and gave all his time to Barkha, believe me. He justifies himself. He says I did not keep any contact with that woman. He tells Samrat and Meera to understand that he regrets for his mistake, don’t punish me for the one mistake.

He asks Nani to talk to Barkha. Nani says its not that easy, it will take time. Inder gives a letter to Samrat and asks him to give it to Barkha, as its written by that woman, my daughter gave me this letter, if she was not my daughter, how would she get this latter. He thinks this all happened because of him and he has to stop this storm. Lajjo cries thinking about Nikhil. Nikhil comes to her and she is stunned seeing him. Nikhil talks to her. She is annoyed with her. He accepts his mistake and says how he did not trust her, thinking she is cheating him.

He says I m really sorry, punish me, but come back to me, my home. Lajjo cries. She hugs him. She realizes it was her imagination and Nikhil did not come. Inder talks to Ayesha. She asks why did mum go, what she wants, she is blackmailing you, she wants something. He says no, she does not want anything, its my mistake, she got annoyed, its fine, it happens. He says you have to look after Adhiraj and future now. Lajjo says I know Nikhil will realize his mistake and come to apologize to me. Nikhil comes to her and scolds her. He says you should apologize to me, I came here to see you realize your mistake or not. She says its not my mistake and argues with him.

She says its your mistake, you blamed me, when I did not do mistake, why should I bow my head down, my heart is clean. He says really? You are a married woman and spent night with a stranger, great. She defends herself and he taunts her. He does not believe her. She says there was no room available and what the manager told them. Nikhil says it was all drama done by Sagar, how can you believe this, he made them say this lie by giving them money. She says Sagar can’t do this. He says can’t you bear if I blame this on great Sagar, afterall he is your Guru, right. She cries and asks him to leave. He is shocked. She says I swear on Lord I did not do anything wrong and won’t give any explanation now, if you don’t trust me, then no use to keep this relation, so I m asking you to leave. He leaves. She cries.

Nikhil gets a call and is shocked. He comes to Lajjo and asks her to get ready as they have to go to Sonbarsa. She says why, is my family fine, I will call them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What a stupid twist nikhil doubting lajjo . To increase the length of the serial producer will go to all areas how cheap lajjo wins mother apologises somn mother hug the serial is over. I stopped watching just read update today out of curiosity. Disgusting

  2. Yeah your right Minna.. 😉

  3. I found this to be one of the best serials but now m not interested
    How can a husband be so naive that he trusts a third party n not a person who underwent all the risks for him? It is now becoming boring n usual movie story.
    Jasmine n nikhil will be close n Lajjo will confide in sagar by the time nikhil realises this jasmine will say now nikhil spoilt his like or Lajjo will expect nikhils child n nikhil will doubt sagar
    So I have decided to put n end
    It’s a pity such a nice story becoming so weak

  4. All serial directors have this matter to make serial lengthy.HUSBEND DOUTS ON WIFE FOR ANOTHE dont know any thing else to make story

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