Gustakh Dil 17th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 17th January 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 17th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Aditi scolding Ishaana saying did you ask me before havign an affair with a married man. I m doing this for your good. Ishaana argues with her. Aditi says you should not be with Nikhil. Ishaana says I love Nikhil and will marry him, not Kunal, you can’t force me. Aditi says shut up Ishaana, did you forget you are talking to your mum. Aditi insists.

Nikhil, Lajjo, Veer and Trisha are having a great time together on the trip. Lajjo sees a boy and cares for him. Nikhil says relax, don’t interfere, chill, he might be with his parents. Lajjo says he is alone. Lajjo runs to the boy and he gets scares and tells his parents that Lajjo scolded me. Lajjo tells his parents that the boy was close to water. The parents are angry and says you mean we don’t take care

of our child well. Nikhil, Veer and Trisha see this argument.

Nikhil says cool down, don’t be angry. Your son was close to water, she saved him. The man says my kid knows swimming, why did she scold the boy. Nikhil takes Lajjo’s side saying she is my wife. The man says explain your wife not to interfere. Veer also argues with them. The man overreacts and Nikhil says end it, I m sorry. The man leaves with his boy and wife. Nikhil scolds Lajjo for not hearing him.

He says its so embarrassing, I m going to my room now. Veer says let him go. Lajjo is upset. The scene changes, Lajjo thinks of making Nikhil’s mood good and she sees Nikhil sleeping and covers him with a quilt. Nani and Barkha are at home. Nani asks her about her new plan. Barkha says Nikhil called and was not sounding happy. Ishaana comes to them worried and crying. Barkha asks what happened. Ishaana tells them that Aditi wants me to get married to Kunal and she is adamant. Barkha and Nani are shocked.

Barkha says Ishaana, have you given it a thought. Ishaana says what do you mean aunty, whould I marry Kunal. Barkha says you can atleast say yes. Ishaana is shocked. Lajjo sees a swimming pool and thinks of her mum. She says I can go inside the water. She steps in the water and enjoys. Ishaana says how can I say yes, I lied to Nikhil and mum as you said, I created misunderstandings between Nikhil and Lajjo as you said, now you are asking me to marry someone else.

Nani says why not, you can get Nikhil if you do so. Nikhil wakes up and asks Lajjo to give him tea but she is not in the room. Lajjo is in the swimming pool. A man brings her out of the pool. He says I saved you, she says I was not drowning, I was swimming. He says sorry, I thought as you were wearing a saree. She says fine. The manager comes and asks what happened.

Lajjo tells him everything. She says her room number to him. He says Mrs. Bharadwaj, sorry for trouble. The guards wer doing the duty, swimming in saree is not under our rules. She argues with him. He asks her to wear the swim suit. She is given the swim suit. She is shocked to see the length. Nikhil and Veer meet and they ask about Lajjo. They come to know that a boy fell in river and someone saved him. Veer says was it a 10 year old boy. Veer says Lajjo was right, it was the same kid, his parents were really careless.

Nikhil thinks he scolded Lajjo and feels sorry. The manager argues with Lajjo asking her to wear the swimsuit if she wants to swim and holds her hand. Lajjo slaps him. Nikhil comes there and sees this. The manager leaves. Lajjo turns to see Nikhil.

Nikhil and Barkha have an argument about Lajjo. Lajjo and Ishaana are looking on.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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