Gustakh Dil 17th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 17th December 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 17th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Nikhil wishing Lajjo happy birthday. She says is this my birthday gift. She gets happy seeing it. She says its very beautiful, is it for me. He jokes and says no its for Chaya. She smiles and says it might be costly. He says why did you not tell me. She says you have made my birthday special by gifting me this, no one gave me such gift. Nikhil says so your birthday is happy now. She says yes and thanks him. He says Lajjo God bless you and leaves. She wears the diamond bracelet and says its very beautiful.

She says today I m missing my family a lot. Ishaana comes to meet Nikhil. She asks him for his phone. He looks out for his phone. Barkha smiles seeing Lajjo work. Shaila sends Lajjo to take coffee for Ishaana. Lajjo sees Ishaana in Nikhil’s room and brings

black coffee for her.

Ishaana sees the bracelet and asks Lajjo who gave her and asks her to show her. Lajjo says Nikhil gave me. Ishaana is shocked. Lajjo says it’s a gift as its my happy birthday today. Ishaana thinks I can’t believe this that Nikhil has given her a bracelet like I have, how can he do this with me. She gets annoyed and leaves. Barkha sees Ishaana angry and thinks why is she upset. Why did she leave, whats wrong. Nikhil comes to his room and sees Lajjo and asks where is Ishaana. She says she left, maybe she did not like this.

She tells Nikhil that Ishaana was asking about this bracelet, Nikhil asks what did she tell you. Lajjo says she loves you, how can she like seeing this. Nikhil says yes, but she is not like this, she won’t care if I gift you, I m sure there is something else. He calls Ishaana and says she is not taking my call, maybe she is driving, he says she won’t feel bad. He did not react when you threw our souvenirs. Don’t worry. Lajjo is worried.

Samrat comes to meet Aparna. They have a talk about his wife. She says its obvious that Rishi wants to live with his mum. Samrat says Anjali won’t give time to him, it’s a problem. Aparna says let Rishi go and see it himself. Samrat says maybe you are right. She says I brought a gift for Lajjo. Samrat is happy. Aparna shows him the gift. He says its beautiful and likes it. He says I will pay for this. She says can’t it be from our side. She says I also want to gift Lajjo as she saved my life, you.

Lajjo is happy at home and talks to Chaya. She hugs Chaya saying you are very nice. The phone rings. Its Dada ji’s call for Lajjo. Her parents also talk to her on phone from their village. Lajjo talks to them and is very happy. She asks how is Parvati. They wish her happy birthday and cry missing her. Lajjo says Nikhil gifted me on my birthday and says I m wearing that bangle now. Her mum is happy hearing this and gets emotional. She blesses Lajjo and ends the call.

Lajjo gets an idea that she will share Kheer with everyone. Ishaana is angry at her home thinking how can Nikhil do this, how can he gift the same bracelet to Lajjo. She thinks how Nikhil gifted her the bracelet before. They had a lovely hug. Ishaana cries remembering it. Lajjo breaks a costly bowl and Barkha shouts on her and calls the servants.

Barkha says how did this happen, who gave her this bowl. Shaila says I m sorry but I don’t know. Barkha scolds her and asks how did she get it. She says do you know how expensive is this. Lajjo takes the blame on herself and apologizes to Barkha. Barkha says its your mistake to come in this house, do you realize it, did you rectify it ever. Lajjo greets her and saying its my birthday today, my mum asked me to touch your feet and take your blessings. Barkha says many happy returns of the day and leaves.

Nikhil and everyone are celebrating Lajjo’s birthday. Ishaana comes running to Nikhil and ass him to come with her. Nikhil asks what happened. She says my kitten is missing, help me..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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