Gustakh Dil 17th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 17th April 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 17th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Nikhil fighting with the goons. Nikhil stops them and tells them how has taken care of all the patients when they was epidemic in the village. He says it was Doctor Kaka, Lajjo and Bansi who treated everyone, don’t lose temper, when your family gets ill, who will treat them, Doctor Kaka, why are you all after him.

He says I know your brother died, it does not mean you break the clinic, please leave. Everyone are convinced and supports doctor kaka. They apologize to Nikhil and leave. Bansi thanks Nikhil for saving their lives. Lajjo looks on. Nikhil’s hand gets hurt and Lajjo sees the wound. She does the first aid. Mujhse khafa hua mera hi saya……………plays………… Nikhil looks at her. Gustakh dil………………plays…………. Lajjo says go

now. Nikhil looks at the bandage on his hand. He looks at Lajjo and leaves from the clinic.

Ayesha comes to meet Adhiraj. They have a talk. Adhiraj pulls her leg acting like her. They share a good bond. The kids asks Nikhil to sing a song like SRK. Nikhil sits outside Lajjo’s house. Her mum sees him and sees some woman gossiping about them. They support Nikhil. Some men come and scold Nikhil. Lajjo’s mum scolds the kids and asks Nikhil why are you doing this to create a scene, atleast think about your Baba’s respect if not about us.

Nikhil says I m not ruining anyone respect. I can bear the taunts of the villagers, go and take rest, don’t worry about me, even Lajjo used to bear taunts from my relatives when she came there, I can do this for her. Lajjo comes home and sees him. Nikhil tries to talk to him but she leaves. Rancho and Shreya come to talk to Ishaana. Ishaana tells them everything. They are proud of Ishaana and apologizes for misunderstanding her love and sacrifice. Ishaana cries and says Nikhil is not in my life, but it does not mean my life will stop, I won’t be able to love anyone now. They say maybe you will get more better person and what if Lajjo does not accept Nikhil.

She says if Lajjo wants to study and do something, then? She says if Nikhil comes back to you then, will you accept him? Nikhil sits outside even at night. Lajjo’s dad talks to him. He asks till when will you do all this. Nikhil says till I win Lajjo’s heart. Her dad says Lajjo is adamant, she won’t listen to you easily, but she will not turn her face to you, she will feel your love, my blessings are with you. Lajjo thinks about Nikhil.

Nikhil stands outside and it starts raining. He gets wet and still stands. Lajjo wakes up to see him and opens the windows. She sees him standing in the rain and gets worried. Nikhil feels cold. Preet ki ladh mujhe aisi lagi……………….. teri deewani………………plays……………….Lajjo opens the door and they have an eyelock. She comes to him and looks at him.

Lajjo asks Nikhil do you love me. He says I love only you. She smiles and hugs him.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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