Gustakh Dil 16th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 16th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Laajo sitting al nervous in her room and Ranjo asking her about her agitation. she went on to accounting her near miss on seeing her mother in law.
Laajo and ranjana were worried about possibility of accidental bumping into each other.Ranjo said it was just like films..a coincidence.
Laajo said there was another co incidence ,just like in this party , I was never allowed to be part of such parties., I used to stand alone and watch from far, nothing has changed, I am same village girl laajo.
Ranjho told her that a day will come when she would be part of such parties by her own right, but until then she has to walk on this path towards her goal and change herself to uplift her life. She said but this will take time and cannot happen overnight(very realistic as these things take months of grooming if not years)
Ranjana told her that she shouldn’t loose hope as Nikhil is with her, he is not living with her but he is still there for her and she should trust him if not herself. Laajo smiled and looked at her stupid diya

At Nikhil’s house barkha was all excited about enjoyable party. She chided Inder for not attending it,but he ignored her talks and went on to discuss something on laptop with Rishi.
She then talked to her mom and asked her why did she not attend. Nani said her knee was hurting and Laajo’s oil was finished. Barkha looked miffed so Rishi changed subject and asked what was in dinner at the party. Every one laughed and inder urged him to eat something if he was hungry.
Nani asked if she was still sponsoring Sagar. Barkha said she was and discussed about Sagar’s wife’s tragic death and rumors associated with it.
Barkha said she was sad about all that(come on lady,you cannot see your own son’s pain and you are talking about other people’s demons and pains)

Sagar is gloating about his new Launch with his manager who urges him to be cautious. But sagar said he is coming out of anonymity after 3 long years and now he has to teach that guy a lesson(not sure of name).

Mili and Laajo are playing a game on globe, then they talk about mili’s vacation to sea side.Laajo was reminded of Nik;’s promise to take her to sea side. Mili said her dad doesn’t love her ,so Laajo cheered her up and told her that her dad loved her a lot and told mili she would also go one day with some one who loves me very much. Then she told Mili she should thank her dad for crayons.
Sk is busy with ratri who is distracted, Laajo coaxed mili to go in and say thank you.Mili went in and sagar got mad. Milli got upset and ran away. Laajo went in to talk to Sagar and told him Mili came to say thanks for cryaons.SK doesn’t even remember which crayons. HE told laajo to go as he was busy. But then he stopped her and asked Singh had told him that she needed advance. Laajo nodded slowly. HE said you can get it from him. She said dhanyawaad(thank you in hindi) and also for crayons (it was nice scene which gives us idea of Sagar’s hard work, dedication and genuine humanity deep down).
Laajo went on to coax Mili to stop crying she assured her that her dad was busy otherwise he wont get mad at you.. She thought about her own parents and realized how lucky she was. She thought to herself about Sagar and Nik’s mom who don’t even love their own children.

Barkha brought Sagar to some place for sponsorship. That Lady tried to belittle Sagar, she said the gossips had damaged his reputation.SK said he has full confidence in his judgment and his find’s talent.
the lady is doubtful but Ratri boasted about her confidence and the lady agreed

Mili’s finally happy and wants to discuss ratri but Laajo makes her study. They promote a film on life ok .
In Nikhil’s shop they are tallying the stock before closing, some customers are still in shop. Manager notices one ring missing .the girl salesperson says it must be somewhere here only.
Manager said it has never happened before in this shop. He said Nikhil had also asked for advance. Nikhil is upset ,he said he did ask for advance but he was not thief. The other sales person instigated the manager by saying Nikhil had the tray with him only.
Manager called Nikhil to center of the shop and with whole set of customers watching ,made the other salesman search his person. They made him empty his pockets and felt for ring ,he even asked him to remove his shoes and socks, But when the guy tried to check the shoes Nikhil saw the ring in other guy’s shirt pocket.
As other guy found nothing on Nikhil, manager seemed confused. Nikhil asked manager to strip search the other guy too. He said obviously ring is missing, If I don’t have it, you should check other people. Manager objected saying ,he was working at the shop for 10 years. But nik insisted and asked the guy to take the ring out of his left upper pocket or should he do it himself.
Manger was shocked and checked other guy’s pocket and found the missing ring. He was furious and slapped the guy.He fired him on the spot and threatened to call police. Nikhil was humiliated and teary eyed. manager apologized right away, he said he was accusing a innocent. He asked for Nikhil’s forgiveness with genuineness(but still he over reacted, though I feel he had grace to apologize).
Nikhil tried to control sheen of moisture from his eyes when a customer called him. He asked her how could he help her in a very sweet way(very professional nik way to go)
She asked him to leave the job right away as he was humiliated without any proof. Nikhil remembers his hardship in finding the job and also how he had promised ranjo that he would help her friend. He told the customer that he really needed the job so cannot do it but thanked her for her kind words.

Pre cap Laajo overhears Ratri gossiping and bad mouthing sagar on the phone with some friend, she confronts her saying is this the guru dakshina you are giving to him(a ancient indian tradition where the student gives something to the teacher before the education begins) Ratri is angry and shouts how dare you.

Update Credit to: Sami01

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