Gustakh Dil 16th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 16th August 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 16th August 2013 Written Update

The show opens with the pre-wedding customs going on. Lajjo mom completes some rituals and she makes lajjo completes some others like digging the soil and she and the other women collect it.
Nikhil calls Ishana and they have network problems, ishana says finally. Nikhil tells her he’s not coming back as some problems cropped up, due to network problem Nikhil is not able to explain clearly what indeed happened.
Nikhil has flashback of him with Ishana in the market and he only bought some hair clips and he tells Ishana that he bought it for the little child who sold it to him. Ishana also accepted the clips.
The next morning Lajjo mom tries to wake her but she still feels sleepy. Lajjo mom tells Lakhi to ask Anuradha for the makeup to be used for Lajjo. She pleads Lajjo to

get up.

The girls are chosing their dresses to be wore in the wedding. Anuradha sees them and tells them to keep their clothes as she has already prepares their clothes. She gives them some few sarees. The girls says all are beautiful but they find it difficult to chose so Anuradha helps them in chosing the saree. For some modification Banjho asks anuradha a pair of scissors, in the meantime with the help of Cobra they are trying to wear the saree.Anuradha sees them facing lots of problems wearing it she says she’s going to help them, but they will have to do the makeup of Lajjo.

At Lajjo place the preparations, rituals of wedding are all going on full swing, the haldi ceremony once again are being performed, along with some folklore song and dance.

Anuradha is giving some few clothes to servants to put away. Nikhil arrives and asks her what is she doing but to hurry up. She says her mind is with Lajo but she can’t go as she’s a widow. Nikhil tries to explain to her. Dadaji joins them and he explains his points and the point of views of the villagers to Nikhil who tries to justify the situation. Dadaji agrees with him and tells him that the villagers still consider a widow to be ominous for a wedding and a bride and he’ll suggests Anuradha not to go. Anuradha feels sad and dadaji notices her finally he gives a nod to Anuradha making her happy. She goes to dress herself. Nikhil also seems satisfy with dadaji.

The girls are at Lajjo place in her room to do her bridal makeup. Ranjo is using her kohl and Lajjo thinks that Ranjho is taking revenge from her for the previous happening and she says she’s sorry. They cmplete her makeup and finally when Lajjo mom comes to see whether Lajjo is already done with her makeup and all she really cannot believes her eyes as Lajjo is looking beautiful yet a simple bride.
Lakhi announces that the procession already reaches their door everyone runs to welcome the guests. Some few men carry the groom and after artis he enters the pavillion and the wedding ceremony begins.
The other meen from the groom family are checking the dowries gifts with a list in hands. One of them goes to check the motorcycle and finds some stains of mud. He tells the others that the motorcyce is a second hand one and they go to check.

PRECAP: Lajjo leaves the pavillion saying if ever the motorcycle is being considered more than her so she will marry the motorcycle she places the garland on the motorcycle.


Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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