Gustakh Dil 15th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 15th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lajjo telling Inder that she has to go before Ranawat and his family see the news article and her pic in the paper. Inder says how can he help her. Lajjo says don’t worry, your blessings are my strength. Barkha looks on. Lajjo is leaving and Nikhil gives her the phone. Lajjo thanks him and leaves. Inder says Nikhil that this small mistake can be costly. Nikhil says yes, if they doubt her, anything can happen. Barkha says don’t worry, she will manage as she became a villager, as she is playing herself. Nikhil defends Lajjo and says he is in hurry and has to go. Inder asks him to be careful and scolds Barkha for her rudeness. Barkha argues with him.

Ayesha thinks about Nikhil’s words and comes to meet Adhiraj. Adhiraj asks her why is she so quiet. She discusses their problem. They talk about love. She compares the poor and rich lives. She says now I understand that happiness is not in money. Adhiraj says people can either stay sad or happy, they have the choice, the people who choose the happy way can always fight problems. Ayesha smiles and says love has changed my life and every morning brings a new experience. He asks what is the matter that is troubling you, that’s ok if you don’t want to say, everyone has problems. Ayesha thinks about seeing money in his drawer and he getting angry on her not saying about the money.

She says yes, everyone has secrets. Ranawat takes the paper and is about to read it. He gets a call and paper gets turned. He says I m coming and keeps the paper. Lajjo comes there and stops Harry from taking the paper. She starts making excuses and confuses him. She talks about her husband and kids. Harry takes the paper. Nikhil comes and greets him. He takes the paper. Harry gets angry and takes the paper back. Nikhil makes him more angry and Harry throws the paper. Lajjo takes the paper and signs to Nikhil. Nikhil fools him and says he is jealous of him. Harry says don’t interfere in our family matters.

Lajjo sticks around ad hides the paper. Harry looks at her. Nikhil asks Lajjo to go. Jasmine thinks about Nikhil’s words and stops him. She apologizes for her behavior. Nikhil forgives her and she smiles. She asks him for the answer to be friends. He says yes, just friends. They shake hands and she smiles happily. Barkha and Inder argue again as she talks about attending partied and social affairs. She says why is he angry, I did not put Nikhil in this problem. Inder says you think we are not responsible, if you accepted Lajjo before, Nikhil would have not done this step. He blames her for everything. Barkha gets angry and leaves.

Harry says he has seen the world and seen this pic too. Lajjo hears him and is shocked. He talks about news. Shalini looks on. Harry says this is yesterday’s paper, where is today’s paper. Shalini says what rubbish, check date. He says no, the supplement did not had this. Lajjo changes the front page. Lajjo comes and confuses them. Shalini doubts on Lajjo that she is lying and trying to confuse them. Lajjo thinks Lord saved her. Shalini comes to her and asks her to make salad for Jasmine. Lajjo says she knows. Shalini sees her phone and takes it. She sees the contact names Pati ji.

She thinks what to do and sends Lajjo. She says she will call her husband and maybe she will know something. Nikhil gets the call while he is working at home. Shalini says oick up the phone. Nikhil takes the call and Shalini thinks it does not sound like uneducated fellow guy. She asks are you Lajjo’s husband. He is shocked and thinks its Shalini. He says who Lajjo. She says Lajjo Yadav, she works here. He says her husband is a worker at site and his phone is not allowed. He says I can’t give any address as I don’t have, he is a drunk man, what work you have. He does some acting and she gets nothing to know.

He asks did Lajjo not come on work. She says no, nothing and ends the call. Shalini thinks it means Lajjo is not lying, but I feel she is hiding something, else where did she go that way. Nikhil thinks he is saved but Shalini is doubting Lajjo, if she gets in any problem. Lajjo comes and Shalini gives her phone. Lajjo is tensed and checks. She thinks Shalini is doubting me and sees she called Nikhil. She says did she know anything and worries. She calls Nikhil. He says don’t call Madam and starts acting as a supervisor. Lajjo says its me, did Shalini call you. He says yes, and tells everything. He asks is everything fine. She says I don’t know why she called you. He says take care and be alert.

Gunjan and Ayesha hug Nani and they talk about the sale. Gunjan says I will buy the dress. Ayesha says she will also buy matching accessories. Nani says ask me what I want. Nani says sunglass. They joke on her and laugh. Nani says lets make a list now. Ayesha says you go with Gunjan and mum, I can’t go, as Papa gave me budget and I can’t afford branded products. Nani says come with me, I will buy for you. Gunjan says yes, I will also gift you some. Ayesha says no, I can’t do that, I can’t cheat Papa. Nani feels proud of her and the change in Ayesha, what will they have to bear more.

Nikhil comes to help Lajjo. Jasmine sees him and flirts again. He says give this packet to Sir, I have to go. She says sit for sometime. He thinks Lajjo can get into more troubles and agrees to stay. He says he will have coffee and Jasmine gets glad. Lajjo hears them. Jasmine asks Lajjo to bring two cups of coffee. Jasmine says you won’t get easily, you have to earn it. He says earn it? Jasmine says she is given him an opportunity to help her. He says help? She says paint my nails and smiles.

Nikhil says you are joking. Jasmine says she is serious, you have to help me. Lajjo comes in between and he holds Lajjo’s hand being tensed and says she will paint your nails. Jasmine scolds Lajjo and says why do you come in between us always. Jasmine asks Lajjo from where did she get the nail paint and doubts o her. Lajjo says this is mine, my husband got it. Jasmine says am I a fool, can’t I see difference between cheap and expensive gloss, its my shade. She blames Lajjo for stealing and says she will call Shalini and fire her. Jasmine hurts Lajjo and Nikhil stops her. He asks Lajjo to go and work in the kitchen. Jasmine says why did you took servant’s side. Nikhil says she should control herself.

Jasmine says she will fire Lajjo today. Nikhil thinks he can’t let this happen and starts acting. He acts sweet and says fine, its your house and your servants, I can’t see this, I can’t tolerate this, I think I m done, I won’t come to meet you again. Jasmine says you are saying as if insulted you. He says yes, I told you I m your dad’s employee, he will understand and we will keep meeting outside this house. Jasmine says fine, you don’t say this, I will not tell mum and not fire her. She promises and Lajjo smiles. He says treat the servants nicely. Jasmine nods yes. He says I will leave now. She says end coffee first. He says no, I have to earn it. She smiles. He leaves.

Barkha gets the Inder’s bank account book and checks it. She is shocked seeing the papers. She says in whose account is Inder transferring money and why. She calls the spy and he says it will take time. She says she will send him some transactions. She asks the detective to find out and he asks for more money. She says you will get the fee after the work is done. He says fine. She thinks about Inder. She cries thinking Inder is having an affair. Harry brings today’s paper and Lajjo sees him. He looks for her at home and she hides being tensed.

Harry talks to Ranawat and Shalini and says Lajjo is lying, she is superstar Trishna. They are shocked. Lajjo gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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