Gustakh Dil 15th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 15th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rancho saying how can Nikhil say this, is he gone mad, my friend was not like this. Lajjo cries and Rancho asks her to drink water. Lajjo says how can Nikhil do this, he has blamed me, he pointed me to be of bad character, I m broken, I trusted him so much, my love was so weak. Rancho says relax, I will make coffee. Lajjo says I will never forgive him. Rancho says its not true, maybe someone has made him say this. He will know the truth, I will tell him and he will come to you to apologize. Lajjo says no use now, rules are different for men and women. Rancho says no, wait. She gives her coffee.

Lajjo says how did Nikhil come to Agra suddenly, it was his mind plan, he doubted on Sagar so he came like that, he got a chance to get out his anger. Rancho asks did Nikhil ask you about Sagar before. Lajjo thinks Nikhil was annoyed with her because of Sagar. She says yes, and thinks she did not understand whats going on in his heart. She cries. Nani asks Barkha whats the matter. Samrat comes there and talk to Barkha. Nani says you ask her, she is not telling me anything. Samrat asks did Inder do any mistake, you never left home like this, whats the matter. Barkha says nothing, I wanted to be far from home. Nani says we are not fools not to understand it.

Nani asks her to share the problem. Samrat says tell us, maybe we can help you. Barkha says stop it Samrat, even mum is not letting me be in peace. She says Inder is having an affair, which shocks Nani and Samrat. Nani says are you mad, you are mistaken. Barkha says you think I won’t know him. She shows the pics of Inder with a 18 year old girl. Samrat sees it and says anything can happen, why are you running, you have to face it, talk to Inder. Barkha says what do you think, he will tell me truth, what to ask him, when relation is over, what to ask, you know the pain Samrat.

She tells how Inder lied to her always and reminds Nani. She says I hired a detective to find out ablout Inder, I did not believe it, I wanted to see him with my eyes and I went there, he was sitting with the girl, making each other have food with love. Samrat says I m with you in this matter, I will talk to Inder. Nani says no, we will talk to him now, call Inder. Barkha says I don’t have to see his face and don’t want to talk. Samrat says the problem won’t be solved this way. Nani says call Inder. Samrat calls Inder. Its morning, Rancho comes to Nikhil and scolds him for misbehaving with Lajjo. She says come and apologize to him. He says I m sorry as I can’t apologize to Lajjo, as I did not do any mistake.

She says then whose mistake it is. Jasmine comes there and acts friendly. Nikhil says he is fine now. Jasmine says she was worried for him, He asks Rancho does she have anything to say. Rancho says she is our Lajjo, she can’t do this, she did a lot for you, she saved your sister from bad guy, she bear insult for you, don’t you trust her. Nikhil says I have seen her in hotel room, I could not believe my eyes. Rancho says did you try to find out why was Lajjo there. Nikhil says he is not interested. Jasmine stops Rancho and says you don’t know what happened, Nikhil was missing Lajjo and we went there to surprise her, what he saw was shocking, you tell me how you would have reacted. Rancho says you keep quiet as you don’t know Lajjo, we know her. Jasmine says it’s a fact which Nikhil saw, no husband can see his wife with someone sharing same room and in someone’s arms. Rancho says rooms were not available, so she shared the room. Jasmine jokes. Rancho argues and Jasmine scolds her. She says what do you think they did not get room in whole Agra. Rancho says we are childhood friends, Nikhil needs me now, you don’t interfere, what do you want, who are you.

Jasmine says I m also his friend. She acts good to Nikhil and says I m sorry, if I have hurt you. She says she will leave now. Nikhil stops her. Rancho says why is she interfering. Nikhil asks Rancho not to interfere now, as he did not give her any right. He asks Rancho to leave and shows the door. Rancho is shocked. Jasmine smiles. Rancho leaves. Inder comes to meet Barkha and asks her to come home. What mistake he did, they can solve it at home. Nani confronts Inder about the pics and asks him not to lie. She asks does he have any affair. He is shocked. She asks who is that girl. She says how could you do this Inder, in this age and the girl is younger than your daughter Ayesha.

Inder is tensed. He takes the pics. He says sorry, I did not wish this thing to come out like this. I was waiting for the right time, I think I got late. He says this pics are true, I won’t say its wrong, its true that I know this girl, but I don’t have any affair with her, Barkha, this girl is my daughter. Everyone is shocked.

Rancho tells Lajjo about Jasmine being with Nikhil and flirting. Lajjo says I don’t care. Rancho says is it Jasmine doing this intentionally?

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Jasmine is very bad she is separating lajoo and nikhil and he is believing her blindly

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