Gustakh Dil 15th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 15th January 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 15th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lajjo unable to open the door. The staff man comes and opens the door. Samrat sees the jacket in his room and smiles. Gunjan comes to him with tea. He asks why did you bring it, where is Lajjo. Gunjan says she went with Nikhil , Trisha and Veer for the weekend trip. She says I m missing Lajjo a lot. Samrat smiles. Barkha comes to Samrat and says Aparna came yesterday, I tried to stop her but she was in hurry.

Barkha says she wanted to avoid Rishi. Rishi comes and hears this. He says how much they hide, I always come to know. Samrat says Rishi, she did not come here hiding from you. Gunjan says we all know about her, everything is clear. Rishi leaves. Samrat says let him go, he won’t understand. Samrat says Barkha I know. Barkha says how long will Aparna wait

for you, one day her trust will break, even if she waits, do you think are you being fair to her. She says I don’t understand for what you are waiting.

She says the time has come for you to take a quick decision. Samrat looks on. Nikhil, Veer are having a great time fishing with their wives. Lajjo says she knows fishing, fishes are innocent and says we have to be smart to get the fish. Nikhil smiles seeing her. Veer is impressed with Lajjo. Kunal visits Ishaana with his dad. Kunal’s dad and Aditi see Kunal and Ishaana’s friendship and is happy. Nikhil and Lajjo are fishing together.

Lajjo gets a fish and is very happy. Trisha says Lajjo, not bad. Veer is very happy as he is having a great time with Nikhil and Lajjo. Nikhil gets something extra large and Lajjo helps him in pulling it. Veer says pull it. It’s a shoe. Nikhil jokes, everyone laughs. Nikhil teases Lajjo and runs. Music plays………..She runs after him to catch him.

Aditi praises Kunal and talks to his dad about Kunal and Ishaana’s marriage. Ishaana hears this and is shocked. He says I m sorry, I want our children to decide about it. Do they know about this. Aditi says no. He says I will have to talk to Kunal about this. He says give me some time, I don’t want to force our children. She says sure, I m not in a hurry. He says Kunal did not give me any indication for Ishaana.

He says if her mum was alove, he would have shared with his mum, I think you should talk to Ishaana once. Aditi says I will talk to her when you say yes. Nikhil and everyone come back from fishing. Trisha says Lajjo was the only successful one. Veer says she was amazing, I did not think Lajjo knows fishing. They make the night plan. Nikhil says anything you guys say. Veer says bonfire, what say. Nikhil agrees.

Lajjo asks whats bonfire. Nikhil explains her what is it and says trust me, it will be fun, ask Trisha till we get the permission. Lajjo talks to Trisha and is happy. Nikhil and Veer are cooking on the fire.Lajjo asks how do you cook. Nikhil teaches her. Lajjo says great, but I m thinking how will you make khichdi on sticks. Everyone look at her and laugh.

Nikhil jokes. Lajjo says I brought everything to make khichdi. Trisha laughs and says where did you get this. Lajjo says I got this from an old man. Nikhil says why did you ask him, he might be thinking us as weird. Lajjo tells them about her picnic. Trisha says no need for khichdi, we have snacks, we ae having barbeque, see I got some paneer. Veer says don’t be upset, you can grill potatoes. Nikhil says ask me before making a plan next time.

Veer says its fine, she thought about everyone, whats wrong in it. He says have food made by us tonight. Lajjo smiles. She goes near fire and some sparks catches her saree and Nikhil clears them.

Nikhil and Lajjo have a good time together. He fools her. He asks her will you tell me if you fall in love. Lajjo looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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