Gustakh Dil 15th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 15th April 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 15th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lajjo’s dad asking Nikhil to leave. Nikhil talks to Lajjo and asks her to give him one chance. She asks him to go back to Ishaana. He asks her dad to explain Lajjo, he needs one chance, he promises he will keep Lajjo very happy. Lajjo’s mum says its good you realized, you are rich, we are poor, we gave her only love. She says we can’t trust you and your love, you change like weather, you can again tell that you love someone else. She scolds him. Nikhil apologizes to her. She says you have saved Lajjo’s life when she wanted to die because of you, is she a thing, she lives and dreams, she wants a good life, you took everything from her and ruined her life.

She says I will not send Lajjo with you. She cries and leaves. Lajjo’s dad says she is right, I agree with her. We can’t send Lajjo with you. Lajjo cries in her room. Nikhil is upset. Lajjo’s dad asks Nikhil to leave. Gustakh Dil………..plays………….. Barkha argues with Samrat and says Gunja and you knew this that Nikhil is going to Sonbarsa and no one told me. Samrat says we have to accept his decision and Lajjo. She says we did the mistake once, we won’t do again, Lajjo will not come in this house, else I will die.

Nani says don’t be adamant, else you will lose your son forever. Barkha says he is not mine. He did not make me happy ever, I lost my son because of him. Nani says stop it now. Barkha says I m his mum and want the best for him, I don’t want to spoil his fate. Nikhil comes to meet Anu and tells her his decision. He says he has hurt everyone, Lajjo, mum and Ishaana. Anu says you came here, its good that you came to take Lajjo, but will you repeat the same things again. She asks do you really love her.

She says no one will trust you if you change your decision so often. Nikhil says believe me, I really love Lajjo. Nikhil says I have sent the divorce papers in anger, but I realized that I really love Lajjo. He says I also feel that I made a mistake by coming here, Lajjo is happy moving ahead in life, am I troubling her. Anu says will you go back then. He says no, I will talk to her first. I will take her with me. Anu smiles. Nikhil says I will convince her that I love her, I feel she also loves me, I was a fool not to understand it. He says I will not go without telling her I love you.

Lajjo lies to sleep and thinks about Nikhil and his love admittance. She thinks about him and Ishaana. Nikhil comes and stands outside her house all night. Mujh se khafa hua mera hi saaya……………plays………..Lajjo sees him from the window and they have an eyelock. Gustakh dil…………….plays…………….Nikhil signs to her and apologizes to her. Lajjo sleeps. Its morning, Lajjo wakes up and sees out of the window for Nikhil. She is shocked to see him still outside.

She comes to wake him up. He wakes up and holds her hand to stop her. She says leave my hand. He says I have held this forever. He tells her to trust her Nikhil. He says I know you are afraid, you are thinking I will leave you again, but I have changed, trust me I will keep you very happy, promise I will never break your heart. He says tell me looking in my eyes, that you don’t love me, I will go from here then. He asks do you love me, yes or no? Lajjo is shocked.

Some goons attack the clinic. Nikhil saves Lajjo by fighting with them.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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