Gustakh Dil 14th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 14th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mili seeing Lajjo on the road. Lajjo runs to her and asks who are these men. The men says we were helping her. Lajjo asks them to leave else she will call the public. She says I will beat you with my slippers, go. They leave. Lajjo asks Mili where is your dad, did Anita know, come I will drop you home. Mili says no, I don’t want to go home to dad, I feel lonely. Mili cries and says I m annoyed with dad. Lajjo says fine.Barkha comes to see Nikhil. Nikhil irons his clothes. She says give this clothes to Chaya, you never ironed clothes.

Nikhil says I m doing my work, whats your problem. She says its enough, you are paying the rent, how did you manage to return the advance. Nikhil says what will you do knowing it, I have a good news, I got the job. Barkha says what kind of job, in which company. Nikhil says don’t act as if you really care. She says fine, don’t tell me. Chaya comes there. Barkha says what to do now to make you happy. Chaya says I will iron the clothes. Nikhil says I will do it. Chaya says I can help you, else Lajjo will scold me, for not taking care of you.

Nikhil says fine, you do it. Barkha says he did not listen to me, and agreed with Chaya. Nikhil says its about relations, you won’t understand, Chaya loves Lajjo a lot and even I. He says this is the relation between us. Barkha leaves. Lajjo brings Mili home and Sagar is shocked seeing her. Lajjo sends her to the room. Lajjo tells Sagar how can you be so careless, she was alone on the road, why is she scared, she should be happy. Sagar says do you know to whom are you talking, get out. Lajjo says I won’t go without telling you.

Mili was alone and some men were taking her. If anyone took her then, I saw a man giving her chocolate, Lord sent me on right time, what kind of father are you. Sagar says you are breaking the limits. Lajjo says me? I brought her safe, she wants her father’s love, but can’t expect this from you, you don’t care about her. Lajjo leaves. Sagar says stop. Barkha talks to Inder that Nikhil got a job, don’t know what kind of it is. She says he brings strange girls home. Inder says I m busy. Barkha says no one is worried. Inder argues with her.

Ayesha comes there and sees them arguing. Inder says do you know Nikhil was hurt. She says yes, I know, I tried to talk. Ask him how can he bring a girl like Riya. Inder says he won’t answer me. Its not his mistake, but ours. Ayesha says stop it, I m fed up seeing this, accept the fact that Nikhil has grown up and wants to lead his life, I don’t understand what you want from us. Barkha says now what happened to her. Inder says I really feel we should not interfere in their lives, they are adults now, let them live their live, they have changed, positive one.

I really like that change. Sagar tells Lajjo that she will teach Mili. He asks her to answer. Lajjo says I will come on time. He says stay away from me. She says no need to say. Sagar leaves. Lajjo says I got the job back, but will he give me advance, shall I ask tomorrow. Mili comes and hugs Lajjo. Lajjo asks her to smile and kisses her. Sagar looks at them standing far. Ayesha comes to meet Adhiraj. They play a game and he makes her win, as she was always losing. Adhiraj says I have to go now. She says if I want to stay here, is it fine. He says you? Alone? There is no AC or TV, what will you do.

She says anything, I will read novels and make tea. He says no, fine. She asks him to change and go. He says what to wear now. She says this one, it’s a smart shirt, this will look good. The house owner waits for Lajjo. Lajjo comes home. She catches Lajjo and asks for rest. Lajjo says give me some time. She says get out from here. Rancho comes and says we will pay soon. She says Rancho, you too get lost. Lajjo says I will go, don’t make Lajjo go. Rancho requests the lady. Lajjo packs her bag. She sees Nikhil’s pic and smiles. Nikhil comes home and hears the problem. Lajjo sees him and is shocked. Nikhil tries to convince the lady, he says where will she go in this big city.

She says you take her to your house. Nikhil says don’t do this, think about her. The lady says its your responsibility, why are you asking me. The lady says responsibility of your wife. Nikhil says why are you talking about my personal life. Nikhil says fine, I will pay her rent, take this phone, I will give you money tomorrow. The lady leaves. Lajjo cries seeing this. Nikhil tells Rancho, that her friend is his friend, so he can help. Rancho says but your phone. He says ask your friend to pray for me and Lajjo, to start a new life.

He says the diamond shop where I work is close to your home, so I came here in break. He says ask your friend not to worry and trust me, bye. Lajjo smiles. He leaves. Lajjo cries and hugs Rancho telling Nikhil’s words. The lady says her husband loves her a lot, so he helped her. Rancho asks the lady not to tell the truth that Lajjo is staying here to Nikhil. She tells her that Nikhil does not know Lajjo is here. The lady agrees and leaves. Lajjo and Rancho smile.

Sagar asks Lajjo not to come infront of the guests. Lajjo is leaving and Barkha stops her.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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