Gustakh Dil 14th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 14th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nijhil asking Miss Roy about any news about Lajjo. DK asks him not to worry. Ms Roy says she has to call us, we can’t. She asks him to cool down. Nikhil says he is worried. She says your wife is very brave, trust her if she took the risk, and about her identity, they will call agency and it will be proved, we will get the calls to agency. DK asks Nikhil to go and work for them, to get to Ranawat. Nikhil says first I want to know she is safe. Ms Roy says she is safe, our man is there. Nikhil says I will call her. DK says don’t, our mission can fail. Nikhil says you are worried about mission, not my wife. Miss Roy asks Nikhil to be calm. The other guy praises Trishna/Lajjo and says she will win this mission too.

Lajjo cooks. Shalini comes to talk to her. Lajjo talks nonstop to confuse her. Lajjo asks her to go and sit, as she will do all the work. Shalini asks her to leave, as she does not want cook like her, we want one who suits us, not a maid like you. Lajjo is shocked and starts the emotional blackmail telling about her children and calls Shalini her Lord. Shalini asks how many kids you have. Lajjo says three, please pity on me, my husband does not work and when he earns, he drinks and beats me. She says my parents died before I was born. Shalini says what. Lajjo clears it and lies.

Lajjo falls on her feet. Shalini says you have lots of problem and I don’t want to do anything, I don’t want a cook. Shalini calls the agency and DK gets the call. She says I told your requirement. They say we have this cook, we will send someone else later, she works so well. They say she has worked in big filmstarts. Lajjo says she has worked in big houses and cooks every food. Shalini says fine, I will see the food you make and then decide to keep you or not. Lajjo smiles. Shalini says why do people give birth to many kids. Lajjo thanks Lord.

Nikhil is worried and says did Khanna know that I m working for CBI and where is Lajjo. Lajjo starts cooking. She gets Nikhil’s phone. He asks is she fine. Lajjo acts like she is talking to her abusive husband. Nikhil says what. She acts and he does not understand. She gives him all the details and saks about her children. He smiles knowing her acting. He took gets into the flow and acts. It’s a funny scene.

Gunjan talks to Nani promoting the Life Ok awards. Nani says where did Lajjo go, I m tensed. Lajjo has to do her work of putting the mic and camera and she looks around. She goes to Ranawat’s study to find some proofs. She thinks where to keep it. She hears someone coming and hides. She keeps the mic and camera. Ranawat comes and asks what is she doing here.

Harry stops Lajjo and says he has seen her somewhere. Lajjo hides her face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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