Gustakh Dil 13th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 13th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lajjo’s mum asking her about the news she read about Dengue fever in Delhi. Lajji is relieved and changes her words. She says I trust the Lord and nothing wrong will happen. Her mum says I miss you a lot and wish to see you. She says even your dad is missing you, he went for some work, he will call you once he is back. Lajjo ends the call. Rancho says its good they did not come to know about Nikhil. Lajjo cries. Rancho cheers her up. She says lets go out and have some fun. Lajjo is upset still thinking about Nikhil and Ratri. Rancho pacifies her.

Nani and Barkha have a talk. Ayesha thinks about the lawyer’s fees and comes to barkha. She tells a fake story to ask her money. Nani says she is not talking to anyone. Barkha asks what does she want. Ayesha says I want a saree. Barkha shows her sarees to Ayesha. Ayesha thinks what to do now. She says I need matching jewellery. Barkha says I will give it and brings it. She shows some good jewellery. Ayesha asks is it very expensive. Nani says it does not matter. Ayesha thinks to sell the bangles and says I will give it to polish. Nani says fine. Ayesha asks them to grow up and leaves smiling.

Nani tries to talk to Barkha. She smiles fooling Barkha. Ayesha and the laywer come to the police station. The lawyer says she was the Adhiraj on the murder night. The inspector asks him to sign on the papers. She says I already did. He says you have to go to court. She says I know what I m doing. He says the bail can happen now, but think again, you may get into trouble, your image can get ruined and think about your family. Ayesha says I made my mind. He says fine, Adhiraj will be free till evening. She smiles.

Barkha comes to meet Lajjo. Lajjo is shocked to see her and says Mom ji. Barkha says I came to meet you and to explain you that its time for you to leave form here. She says you came to prove yourself so that you can get to be Nikhil’s wife, you are changing your look and attitude, but I regret that things have changed before you changed, Nikhil has changed for whom you are working hard, he has moved on, you said no one can come between you and Nikhil, the truth is this. She shows her the newspaper.

Lajjo turns her face. Barkha says Nikhil is no more yours. Lajjo feels hurt. Barkha says he is someone else’s now, don’t ruin your life being here. Lajjo says thank you very much, I saw these pics and was broken thinking I lost Nikhil and thought to go back to Sonbarsa, but I won’t, she tells Barkha that this is the beginning, she will not leave Nikhil, her love became more strong and her will more solid,play any game, print many pics, but she won’t go back. Barkha says you mean this pics are fake and I have printed them. Lajjo says ofcourse. I won’t fail ever, as your son loves only me.

Barkha says do what you want, keep one thins very clear in your head, you can become a star but not our bahu. Barkha says I promise you I will ruin you. Lajjo looks stunned. Barkha leaves. Lajjo says I will also prove being someone to be your bahu. Lajjo practices dance and looks gorgeous in her makeover look. She thinks about Nikhil’s promises. She cries. She imagines Nikhil coming to her and wiping her tears. She smiles seeing him and they dance on the song Janam Dekhlo Mit gai duriyaan…….. They get closer. Lajjo gets out of the dream. Nethra taunts her.

Sagar is arrested by the police and the media covers the matter. Lajjo asks Anjali about Sagar.

Update Credit to: Amena

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